Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tuesday, My first chart of the year!

  Well, I finally finished this chart that was started last year.  It took a long time to finish, with all the Christmas food, and money I spent. Not much saving was going on here.  Then with the shop being so slow, ugh I thought I would never fill it out.

SO would this be a first chart? Or  would it be the last chart ? I haven't really figured it out, I am just happy to look at a new one.

And by the way, because I know you are all so interested to know this.  I did have enough money to fill my $36.00 $1,$5,$10,$20 envelope challenge.  There was some cash stuck up under my sewing drawer that I did not see.

Thanks for all the comments on Hub's hearing aids, I appreciate your input.  I also appreciate your concern over my ridiculous passion to stay with my savings plan.  If I had to cancel it I would, but so far, I am making it so I will continue.  If the day comes that I cannot, I will retrench and replan.

I was able to take $150.00 down to the bank today and put it on the mortgage.  It seems such a long, long way to pay off and it is, but look at what Hawaii planner did with her mortgage.  Every little bit helps.

I made chocolate chip, raisin, walnut cookies yesterday with Schmills.  I have so many nuts, chips, and raisins to use up.  I sent home most of the cookies with daughter, and she said Kelsa has been eating them only she just chews up the raisins and then spits them out and tries to feed them to daughter or her husband.  Signe' said, "Mom no more raisins in cookies." I can't imagine being baby bird fed a chewed-up raisin.

The chili I made yesterday was good and we will have it again tonight, however I am going to stop and get a bag of corn chips to have with it.

I am taking my neighbor up to that food bank I go to once a month.  Her husband is down, and they are struggling with the high cost of food right now. I always go late in the day, so I am not taking anything others who truly need it would take.

I had a girlfriend drop off a few boxes of ribbing that she no longer uses.  I am going to start making baby bib's with it.  I loved the bibs you could just slip over the head like a t-shirt.  You use dish towels to make them and then you can wet the towel and clean up the baby.  SO nice. They are fast and so simple to make, and I need a few around here.

Need to look for some inexpensive tea towels. 

Roscoe has a vet appointment this afternoon for booster shots.  Luckily, we live in an area where Vet services are not overly expensive.  He needs a rattlesnake booster, before spring.

I was under the illusion that today was Wednesday for several hours this morning.  Finally realized it was Tuesday. Do you ever do that?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Good job! I have to look at the date 9on computer) and then a calendar to know the day of the week! I am always confused!! LOL

    1. THis was just so real to me, I had to keep convincing myself it was TUESDAY.

  2. You've got this! Nicely done on finishing the chart.

    I cannot figure out what day it is today, but whichever day it is, I'm already over it!

  3. Congrats on filling out the new chart, Kim. I know what you mean about the day, today doesn’t even feel like Tuesday to me. My niece used to lick the salt off the peanuts and feed them to her dad. LOL

  4. Kelsa eats nuts and not raising? I am regularly trying to figure out what day it is. Do you ever make your own ribbing from ribbed fabric? They sell it at Joanne's.

  5. Well done on the charts!
    Some weeks I get my days terribly confused. Pre-covid I had several days a week when I would have specific places to go, and now they are not happening. When my week structure fell to pieces so did my recall of what day it is!

    1. I do think that has something to do with it. Just not being busy so you don't have a schedule to follow. I need a schedule!!!!!

  6. My granddaughter who was about three at the time loved only the the white edge of candy corn and one day there was a whole bowl of candy corn with every whit tip missing. But she denied doing it ha!

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