Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, shop busier!

Here we are, it is Thursday again!  How did the week go by so fast? Especially with me getting my days mixed up, thinking Tuesday was Wednesday most of the day.

Tomorrow is the Slugs Birthday, so make sure you all go wish her a happy one. I wish I was there with her so we could have some laughs. Dang I hate living so far apart.

The shop was actually busy yesterday, with another wedding dress coming in and several piles of hems, and mending.  I am so very grateful. It is so nice to have something to do besides fret about not having anything to do. 

I ran to the store last night and bought some milk and a package of mushrooms but made toasted tuna fish sandwiches for dinner.  I will do my pizzas tonight.  Hubs is up watching Oliver today, so the house has been quiet.

I just found out that I don't have to fly to St. Louis the end of February, which I am thankful for. My Lil sis wanted me to come and help her with her daughter's wedding shower.  I do have to fly to St. Louis the end of April, and I did not want to make two trips, with the cost.  But I would also not let my Lil sis down if she really needed me.

I am not a big lover of January, as it is cold, and usually overcast and gloomy here.  The last two days have been sunny, and I so love it when it is sunny.  It really lifts my mood during the winter months. Plus, the days are now a 1/2 an hour longer than they were a month ago and you can tell the difference in the evenings.  It is not dark at 4:30, like it was at the beginning of January. Always something to be thankful for.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change

2. saved all my 5-dollar bills was able to add $50.00 to the mortgage, so far I have saved $110.00 in 5's all added to mortgage.

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill 

4. saved 2 more envelopes, in my 100-envelope challenge put an extra $100.00 on mortgage

5. Cooked all meals from scratch at home

6. stuck with my grocery challenge, used beans, rice, chicken, fish, porkchops, out of the freezer. Also made a carrot cake and cookies to use up extra nuts, coco chips and raisins.

7. Sold some things on facebook marketplace for extra money to meet my savings goals. 

8. Used coupon at Joanns for and item.

9. went to monthly food bank for items that would have otherwise been thrown away.

10. had a friend bring over sewing supplies she was no longer using, that I can use

11. Made sure to have reusable grocery bags with me as the stores in Washington are now charging for bags.

12. made sure to find the cheapest gas in town to fill up the car.  It can be up to a .45 difference depending on where you buy.

13. Used the car rather than the truck for most of our running around to save on gas.

14. fed all scraps to the chickens

15. downloaded receipts to fetch

16. got a 10 bonus from Ibotta for things we needed, cat litter, laundry soap etc. 

Kinda boring and same old, same old.  But believe me it adds up. Especially not grocery shopping every week.  I think I will have to extend this challenge into February as my freezers are still very full, I need to make applesauce muffins and banana bread to use up things in the fridge.

Might do that this evening, after I get done sewing and making pizza.

What did you do to save money this week?  Did you find any great ways to save?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I only bought items on sale, bogo, coupons, clearance. I am freezing with no socks on sitting here. That save gas and electricity. Tonight, the pork loin chops, sweet potatoes, and collards were giving to me, even Tommy's tea and the brownie mix I made.

  2. Glad you're getting busy at the shop. Happy Friday!!

  3. So happy that things are picking back up. You have been doing good.
    I used what I have here at home again this week. I did do a grocery run finally, and got some fresh stuff and more cat food (get it when I can).
    Have a good one.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I have noticed the cat and dog food aisle is sparse where we live.

  4. The basic wins really do add up over time! Good work & glad to hear the shop is picking back up. For us, it's been similar. Eating things we have, using a few small rewards/discounts for items we need, and avoiding shopping where we can.

    1. Iam very relieved, but soon it will be too much, you know me, feast or famine.

  5. Test post, I can't seem to post comments from my iPad so plan B is my laptop...