Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tuesday, making messes, what fun!

 Kim's latest escapade.  I know, I know, not something I would ever put in my house.  Okay let's rephrase, not something I would buy.  But I do watch a few of those mommy vloggers mostly so I can make fun of them in my head.  I guess tiered trays are all the rage, and you put a beaded rope for the holiday on your tray.

Since Kim, only has stuff in her house that was given to her, or she thrifted , or inherited, this is not something I would have.  I do not have a tiered tray.  Sorry, I am not in vogue.  But there are many people who do.

I was in walmart yesterday for chicken feed and the Christmas was marked  .10,.25,.50.  I saw these beaded wreaths with 38 beads in red and white for .10 a piece. I grabbed them all and restrung them on some hemp string I had at home and tied red ribbon I also had on hand.  I have listed these for $5.00 a piece.  It gave me something to do last night.

Now I think this kind of thing is kind of silly and like I said I would not buy it, but I see them all the time. Do you like the mended table cloth?  I swear I have over 10 hours of hand mending into this thing.  But I can't give it up.  Too many memories, and just where will I get another one?

Hub's finally finished the pollock to day for lunch and I need to go pull some chicken out for dinner. Hub's has gained back 10 lbs and is really struggling to stay on a diet.  I love to bake and making a pie and scones last week did not help him.  So I must be more careful. I need to keep smaller treats hidden that I can give him.  Like a piece or two of candy, rather than putting a pie out.  I only got 2 pieces of that pie, so you can see that he loves to eat.  Well, heck so do I.  Sluggy can attest to my ability to wolf down a dozen donuts in a 24 hour period.

Sissie was chastising me for my messy house, and she is right, when I start doing  arts and crafts things go to hell in a hand basket really fast around here. I should actually call my housekeeping farts and craps, because that is what it looks like when I am done.  My ADHD brain just goes into overdrive and nothing gets put away.  So I sent Sissie this picture,(just to irritate her).

Just so you know, this would never happen at Sissie's house, it happens at my house on an almost daily basis.

Thank goodness I have a tolerant husband.  As I have a hard time putting things away.  Every counter is covered, if it has a flat surface, look out. That is why we never put the lid to the baby grand piano down, I wold probably serve hamburgers on it. My creative inner brat just goes crazy, but don't you worry, I will have to send pictures to Sissie soon to prove that I cleaned it up..... Maybe today?

On a better note.  I had some mending come in today and I have two wedding dresses coming in this afternoon and have had several calls on wedding dresses. Soon the mess will be confined to my shop.

But right now I am having fun!  I am going to leave the stool until spring.  Many of you are right and I did debate on painting it farm house white, but I just felt like tole painting and I really want to do more.  I can give this as a gift to one of my daughters and they would be thrilled.


I did complete all my financial goals this week by the skin of my teeth and nothing went into emergency savings, but I will get there.  I have faith. Soon I will be complaining about how behind I am. You just wait and see. Work is a blessing my freinds and don't you ever forget it.

Lil sis wants me to go to St. Louis the end of February to help with my oldest niece's wedding shower.  I already have to fly there the end of April for several days for the wedding to help and two trips is excessive.  But if I can get a really cheap ticket I had better go and help Lil sis, she and Sissie were so much help with my daughter's weddings, and they have not forgiven me for working them so hard. 

Well I had better go finish my project and clean up my messes.  Do you craft?  Are you a messy crafter like me? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Heck, it is nice to see you having fun! Mess - it's your house and you ARE allowed!
    Um on the pieces of pie - if you cut pie like I usually do - you got half a pie!! LOL That is how I got used to cutting them when Glen was around! LOL
    Enjoy the remainder of your week!

  2. I used to do all kinds of crafts but I think I've burned out. I've donated most of my "stuff" but do look forward to trying watercolor painting and embroidering on velvet for something different. I am very out of the newest trend rage so was clueless to what you were talking about until I looked it up. I still don't get the point of the beads with the 3 tier tray but they are clearly popular to those who are in touch with the latest and greatest. Good luck with your sales. The stool is very cute and I could see it fitting in with my eclectic decor. Ranee (MN)

    1. I do think all rage decor is silly just like fast fashion, give me some old inherited antiques.

  3. Whatever I do I make a mess. Right now I am having to clean my laundry room which has become a dumping ground.
    You must be the best mender in this world, because I saw no evidence of a mend. The cloth is very pretty.
    And now to be less tragically unhip I need a tiered tray? With my current entertaining that might be one of the underused (never used) item in my house. I had no idea not only was I supposed to have one much less that need to have accessories for it.

  4. I don't know what a tiered tray is- like the trays the English serve fingers sandwiches, scones, and cakes? I have no crafting, no sewing, no furniture revamping, no nothing of any skill or beauty. I crunch numbers and do complex forecasting. No one wants to buy that. My house is always messier than your pictures and rarely clean enough to send pictures. I need shaming but I doubt it would help.

  5. I have never said I was a crafter when I sewed, crocheted, made birdhouses of wood, or birdfeeders of gourds. I highly dislike to be called a crafter. That makes me think of making pig banks out of milk jugs.

    I have a tiered tray but no strings of beads. I am clueless as to what you are talking about.

    That is just a tiny mess.

    1. I know, I am not very hip. Pig banks out of milk jugs, my grandmother made me one of those when I was about 4, I clearly remember it.

  6. I'm the type of person that while I like cute things, it needs to have a purpose or meaning to me. I do have a tiered tray but I wouldn't buy beads for it. I LOVE doing various crafts. Have fun before you get too busy!!

    1. I know isn't it silly? Fast fashion, fast decor....