Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday, April 1st, who are you fooling?

 I am not doing very well at this quarantine thing and to think that I am is only fooling myself, but as we have no choice I will live with it.  I am just not getting very much done.  Sort of sitting around staring and not doing much of anything.  Everything is a big effort for me right now and I don't like myself this way.

Here it is April 1st and we have 30 more days of this and in my heart I know it will be much longer. I am hoping this is the day I can tell myself to snap out of it.  I mean really?  How many more days can I sit and veg.  (don't track this please)

So today after this blog I am actually going to set my hair instead of looking like a baba yaga, and maybe put on some makeup.  I might not recognize myself.  But I might feel better.

I get to talk to Sissie everyday and she is working from home, her Husband was finally closed down yesterday.  She is handling this about how I am.  I see Lil sis everyday and that is a comfort.  We watched the movie, As good as it gets last night.  I forgot how funny that was and we had some good laughs.

I wish I could say I was a barrel of energy racing through lists of things that need done, or I could be doing, but alas I am not.  Just trying to get through the days one day at a time.  It is all I can do.  Everyday I say I am going to accomplish something and don't get much done, if anything.  But today I am going to pull myself up. (I think)

Let's revue what I did accomplish this last month.

Saved all my five dollar bills now have $510.00 in 5's.  A little down from last year, but that is to be expected.   I have continued to save excess change in my pig bank, but that is way down also.  If you are saving pennies for the day you will need to put $31.95 in your bank before the end of the month. I also completed another savings chart and am well on my way to another.  I may just be able to finish it before the end of April, but we will see.  I am not taking in any new business, just finishing what I have.

I did get some things accomplished in the yard, but would like to do so much more.  Weather permitting.  I also did get things cleaned up and taken to storage.  So paint supplies and things have been put away after tripping over them for a few months.

One things I have totally failed on is exercise. Besides physical therapy and yard work I have been very remiss. I hope to rectify that in the coming month.

I kind of feel like I wasted so much of March and I hope to not let that happen to April.  Can any of you come and kick Kim's butt?  I really need to get some motivation.

What motivates you right now?  (besides chocolate and sweets, as those would motivate me)

Really this self pity has to end.
get police patches backed with velcro
I have to fix my hair and face
I have to get a wedding dress done today, it is a simple fix.
I have to do at least two loads of laundry
I have to sweep up the shop
I have to pay the bills
I have to clean my desk
I have to clean the family room
I have to do at least one thing I have been avoiding, like clean out a drawer or a cupboard.
If I watch TV I have to do the ironing
Take meals into missionaries Take out pizza delivered

There I made a list, maybe I can shake this malaise I am in and get a few things done. Here goes.  Please wish me luck, as my anxiety is crushing my spirit right now.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are i the negative.



  1. It is kind of funny - today I put on make-up for the first time in almost 2 weeks and put on a pretty sweater instead of a slouchy sweatshirt. Just felt like looking nice for a change. Got out and walked all over the yard. I did run up 2 blks. to the P.O. and put my outgoing mail in the outside box and then I drove over to the park and drove around and looked at the flowering trees and spring bulbs coming up. Stayed in the car. That really helped me!

    Only difference now is you HAVE to stay home - whereas before it was a choice. Don't like being told what I can and can't do. Guess that is the kid in us!
    You got this - we'll all get through together.

    1. Well by starting out the day with hair and makeup I did have a better day and I accomplished ore, so that might be a secret for me.

  2. Go listen to this........

    We are all going through this.

  3. Can this be about your mother dying on top of all this? I had problems for several years when my mother died. But, I was in the throes of the demands of a the university so it took me along time to finish grieving. Somehow, this is not affecting me at all mentally, she says as she feels like a squirrel running in a Not really. Just kidding. But, my only grief is that I cannot get into a book store. They closed.

  4. I think a lot of us are feeling down, and that's okay. We will get through this!

  5. I've been just trying to keep the positive flywheel going, for my own mental health. Working out, sunshine (where possible), taking advantage of the required stay at home by doing one yard or house chore a day, meditating, & getting LOTS of sleep. It's not perfect. Oh, and lots of video chats with my sister & BFF. LOTS of chats.

  6. Oh Kim.. I am so sorry! I like you feel this is going to last longer than 30 days. I am praying for this situation daily. Personally, I have been taking advantage of this down time so that I can take care of things around my apartment that has needed to be done. I did my hair yesterday, felt great.

    1. Yes, I need to do this also, but I am so lethargic, have to work on this.

  7. I took a shower today and cleaned up and that always makes me feel better. I hope you can get out of the funk you are in. It's so strange right now just having to stay home, but I'd rather do that than get the virus. Stay well my friend.

    1. I know it is scary to sally-forth even thought we all want to.

  8. I feel your anxiety!! I would come and kick your butt but, well, that might not be a good idea.