Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday, a mouse in the house!

My baking drawer once everything was sterilized and out back
     Well my plan yesterday was to finally clean out a few cupboards in the kitchen,  Something that needed to be done monthes ago and I was all hip to do with all this extra time we would have with the lock down. 
     But alas my anxiety had put me in more of a frozen form and not much is getting done around here.  So as I have planned to do this many times and have not done a thing, I forced (I mean it) forced my way upstairs to the kitchen and opened my baking drawer, which is above my baking pan cupboard.  What did I find?  I have a mouse in the house!  Eeeek.  no real mouse but much evidence.  So I have more anxiety over a mouse than over what is going on in the world and I started to clean like a mad woman.

     Sorry no post mouse pictures too gross. But I did find where it was getting in and we plugged those holes with cut out board and foam.  No more mouse.

This is the cupboard that had a hole in the back for the gas line to the stove.  Everything had to be removed and sterilized.  Every pan and sheet.

As long as I was on a mission I cleaned and organized the upper baking cupboard.  It is obvious that I do a lot of baking.  Or I have been taught to.

Then onto the baking ingredient cupboard which is always a falling down mess.  I have way too many cupcake papers and decorations.  I used to make cookies and cupcakes for Hubs office on a regular basis and when mom was alive we were constantly baking.

Well with that all pulled out and the dishwasher running on a steam sterilize cycle I was able to clean out a few more things.   Like the utensil drawer, that is a constant mess.

     The silverware drawer came next as I was on a roll.  I just kept removing and cleaning. Then I pulled all of this greasy mess out and cleaned it all with de greaser, even the hood and walls.  I have not got to the stove yet other than to pull it apart.

I cleaned  out the pan cupboard.
And no kitchen clean can be complete without cleaning some copper. 

I was able to get over 12,000 steps just cleaning these 7 cupboards and I have at least 7 more to go plus too much copper to polish but when it is done I will feel a whole lot better about getting the rest of the kitchen touched up.

I finally did something besides work outside and all it took was a sign of a mouse!

Today the weather is iffy so I am not sure what I will due.  We do have to take a meal into the missioaries and that is all that is on the books.

Do you have any plans for Friday?  Have you ever had mice?  I really dislike them.  But I think I took care of the problem.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hi Kim.
    So sorry about the mouse.
    Yes. We had a little family in a house we lived in several years ago.
    I found evidence in my pantry on top of all my baking supplies!!!!
    Like you, I went on a cleaning streak. It was a lot of work, but I was glad when it was done!
    It is cold and rainy here today, so we are cozy inside.
    Ordering out tonight to support the local Mexican restaurant.
    Have a good weekend, my friend.
    You deserve a rest!

    1. Well I took one didn't do a darn thing yesterday except cook dinner, and take long walks!

  2. I should have told Sissie to mail a mouse to you weeks ago! lolz

  3. I probably would have said EEK too! Sure looks nice and clean. I have so many cupcake papers, it is crazy. I get them whenever they are on clearance - and who knew, I hardly ever make cupcakes!!!!!
    I cut all the grass front to back today and trimmed. Windows open and enjoying a nice day for a change.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. We have to form a 12 step program for cupcake papers....

  4. I have found evidence of mice and that put me on a cleaning frenzy, too. I hate rodents!

  5. Wow great job! Everything looks nice and organized now!

  6. I think an ant infestation is right in there with having mice. They are hard to get rid of, too, and more common than mice.

    1. Oh we have those too, and we are the spider capital of Idaho!

  7. I don't get mice in the house but the barn is a different story. I thought since there was several barn cats around our barn that we wouldn't have that issue... I ordered electric pest thingys to put in the barn. I hate spiders... the basement gets HUGE ones and the kitchen porch gets really super small ones so bad I've had them cover the siding YUCK.

    I think we have the same cook stove.Mine has a double oven, top one is small, good from broiling, pizza and biscuits.

    1. I love my stove. We are the spider capital of Idaho and I really dislike spiders.

  8. We back up to a park, with a pond, near fields. Yes, we've battled critters almost every year. It's awful!

    1. Little buggers, and you know if you see one there is a family somewhere.