Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday, Weird Easter

      My flowering miniature crab apple bloomed just in time for Easter.  I was thrilled.  It hangs over the pond and is so beautiful.

     Easter was so strange at our house, no kids, no candy, no baskets.  This is the first year in 42 years I have not made an Easter basket.  I did get about 7 dozen rolled sugar cookies frosted and I made two large apple pies.  I did this late Saturday afternoon as the wind was blowing so bad you could not work outside.   I was so tired at dinner time that Hub's insisted since it was our anniversary we would get pizza at our favorite take out.  We ordered and paid on the phone and he picked it up.  He could not believe all the people standing in line at the parlor without masks waiting.  They had come to stand in line to order.  He went in with his mask on and walked right up and picked up his pizza.  Some people just don't use their heads. 

     So we had pizza left over and we decided to forgo a special Easter dinner and just have leftover pizza and pie for Easter.  Weird but yummy and so easy for me as I did not have to cook!

     Our front yard is almost done as far as barking is concerned, I still need to fill dead spots, but I want to grow some veggies out front again, like squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers.

     I was able to walk the bridges(5 miles) at about lunch time on Sunday, we watched some church videos for our Easter service.  Then hub's and I ran pie and cookies to a couple of sets of missionaries, some shut ins and I took a plate of cookies and two pieces of pie over to my Lil sis's house.

     I took a short nap later in the afternoon.  It was a nice Easter, but I missed the kids and the grandsons, I was lonely.

    I was able to talk to Sis while I walked the bridges, and I had a good long talk with Slug's that helped to cheer me up.

  All if these bulbs were bought at Walmart for .50 a bundle.  They were dead  and spent but I planted them and they all came up and are beautiful.  Plant sales are going to be sparse this season I think.

     I am going to continue work in the yard today, and I might even get some hose work and sewing done.

     What I want to know is if this goes on much longer will any of us be able to adjust to going back to work?

     You know phone calls all morning, people in and out, demands, deadlines....     I think I am getting spoiled.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hi friend. Been a while. Our Easter was so strange and different as well. My grandmother passed yesterday. I hope all is well. I look forward to catching up. Hugs.

    1. Hi Chrissy, I am sorry about your grandmother, my grandmother died on Easter also. I have been worried about you and have been praying for your son. How are things going?

  2. Deadish things just need water and attention! I like buying plants like that because they are so cheap. I did not get all I planned cooked for Easter, but we had plenty. Right now, I am going to stock up on chicken.

    1. I love the dead and the almost dead I have been buying those kinds of plants for years.

  3. We had a different Easter than planned as well, but it was nice just the same. We had good weather, which made all of the difference.

    I am going to have a hard time getting back into the super fast paced life again, for sure. I do think international travel will be slowed tremendously at my work, which will help with the adjustment

    1. Yes I think we all are going to have an adjustment, like this has not been one.

  4. A quiet Easter had by all I do believe. My first one alone. I did talk to lots of family.
    Your yard looks so pretty - are you changing plans about selling this year? Doesn't sound like it will be the year - with virus and prices going down.
    My life is quiet and so all the time - so nothing much changes here. Just not going out and visiting. I really hope this DON'T go back to 'normal' - I hope people have learned some good slow down and enjoy life lessons.

    1. We have not been able to find anything in our price range here. Our problem is the yard is too big. The house is large but fine. When we look at something with a smaller yard and a smaller house they want more than we can get for our house, which does not make sense as this is a nice house. In fact the houses we have looked at are in no way as nice as this yet they want more. Weird market. I will not move until I find what is right for us.

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  6. Your tree is quite pretty!
    No candy or baskets here either. And I planned to cook but we got takeout for a steak restaurant. And our meals were so big, we had plenty to eat today too. So no cooking 2 days in a row 😀

  7. Beautiful tree!
    A burst of beauty for me on a rainy afternoon.
    Your Easter sounds much like mine. We didn't do a big dinner, just that simple brunch. No dresses, or pictures, visitors. But it was lovely just the same. I enjoyed a nap too!
    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. Yes as low key as it can get, but it was still nice.

  8. I just thought of another high school right of passage-the spring green house sale by the horticulture students! It is always a lovely way to both showcase the students work and get great plants. Easter was quite odd, but I hope we properly observed it-safely, through the television.

    1. Well it will be one to remember that is for sure.

  9. Easter was quite different and very quiet here too. It is the first time I have ever seen an Easter sermon while eating cinnamon rolls, drinking coffee and wearing my pajamas. I hope and pray it will be one time only!

  10. Yum cinnamon rolls, that would make all the difference.


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