Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday evening, I thought I was busy last week....

     I am trying so hard to catch up around here and I just cannot.  Everywhere I turn is a half finished project.  The shop is very busy and the yard work is very behind.  I thought if could just keep to a schedule I would catch up, but that is not to be.  Mom has tried to help and she has in some ways, I really enjoy having her here.  I wish she would stay and I think that time is slowly getting closer.  This summer I am sure will determine where she will be next spring.  She keeps hinting about having one last Christmas at our old house.  That will not happen unless I have proof that my one brother is in jail and my other brother is not living with her nor is my  (jailed hopefully) brothers son. I will not go home to cook and clean for a holiday of users and slobs.  She will not be able to manipulate or lie her way around this as we know all of her tricks now. She just wants her kids together in this la la land that she believes she can make, but it is always at the expense of myself or my sisters.  Not going to happen.

     I did go and get my hair cut and colored today.  Something I do 3 times a year now.  Then I do a root touch up in between.  We have a big load of yard waste to take to the dump tomorrow morning.  I also need to replant my beans as they did not come up.  There is a plant exchange at the church I want to go to, if no one has anything I still need I will go buy the few remaining things I want in the  garden.  I plan to spend a good chunk of time in the garden and yard tomorrow.  I also need to make bread and clean the house.

     Now that it is warm again I am going through my summer cotton clothes.  Everything has to be ironed and I have outgrown most of my clothes.  So frustrating, so I will be starting a major diet on Monday.  I refuse to buy a bigger clothes.  Everything is so uncomfortably tight.  Mom cannot figure out how I can gain weight as I work all the time and I don't eat very much, but this may be a medication issue.  I really think it is just a 10 lb hang over from the 17 lbs I gained taking steroids last summer.  It has to go.  Turtlenecks and knits and sweaters stretch.  Cotton shirts and shorts do not.  Hubby is also very heavy and needs to diet.

     I have new totals to report.  I noticed the Sarah has a new lower total, so I hope I can keep abreast with her, she is moving at a rapid pace now.

Have a great evening and Memorial day weekend.



  1. It will be really nice to have our mom with us. It will give extra energy to do work. It is a nics and te time for growing plant and to make repairs in them. Have a nice day!

  2. I am so due for a haircut and a dye job its not funny. So if I get it cut I will get one of the girls to dye it for me. Im thinking of going bob short but not pixie type bob...and then just have one of the girls dye it. With my thyroid my hair just grows way to fast and I am afraid you will come through on last months threat to show up and dye it yourself.

    All is good....most days :)


    1. I miss you dreadfully, but so glad you are okay. Email me if you get a chance.

  3. Good for you for getting your hair done. You put everybody else before you.

  4. I THINK I have a haircut appt tomorrow... I better check that. She's hard to get into!