Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, sick headache

     I woke up with a sick headache this morning.  I do not know if I slept wrong on my neck or what.  I am a little nauseous, if I don't feel better in an hour I will take something.  I have so much to do and this is not helping.  It hurts my head to cough.  My lower back is also very sore. Crap! Double crap!

     We had a very productive weekend.  Our rehearsal went well, although spotty with holes.  But we were happy for a first rehearsal.  Came home at 4 and took a short nap and then started on scenery.  Hubs had cut out many black and white pieces.  We both started painting and daughter and her boyfriend both came over and we finished painting except for touch up.  Now I have to get shapes to artist and I will do that tonight.  We were able to locate all our set pieces so they can be pulled for next Saturday's rehearsal.

     I did a little housework and a little yard work also this weekend.  Hubs mowed the yard again.  But it is supposed to turn cold this week so at least I will not want to be in the yard.

     Today I am going to make a master list and clean off my desk and get the shop ready for working on show costumes.  I did quite a bit of work in the shop cleaning this weekend but it is still in need of love. I also have to laundry going for some reason I got a little behind on that.

     Daughter #2 starts a new job across the river with a local sedation dentist next Monday.  She renewed the lease on her younger sisters apartment at the University.  I was so surprised.  She and D#3 will live together and she will commute.  Daughter #3 has 1.5 more years at the University and was going to lose her room mate so she was looking to move into a new apartment.  Daughter #2's lease is up the end of May so she thought this would work as they both get a long as well as most sisters do and sometimes better.  D#3 had really no furniture other than bedroom. D#2 has everything so if they combine I don't have to go to the expense of moving the youngest one or buying her anything this next couple of years. D#2 can take care of herself. If the roads get bad she can always stay at our place.  The funny thing is the two of them always sleep together so I really see one of the bedrooms as not used.  I told them they should sub-let it and get 1/2 their rent back.  It is up to them.

     All I know is that they are growing up.  All of this was done and taken care of without my knowledge and it is great!  Daughter #3 will have to find a job, but I am not worried she has many connections at the University.

Out My Window:  Cool but sunny.  Everything is in bloom and it is beautiful.

I am going to lay down, before my head explodes.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Take something for this nasty headache!

  2. As a migraine sufferer I feeeeeeeeeeeel your pain! Please rest and if you have to take something do it. My best cure is a cup of black tea plus a tylenol. I'm back on the ibuprofin today after not taking any for a couple of months thanks to using ginger 2-3 times a day. But yesterday I flipped over backwards on a bent chair and got pretty banged up. Lots of bruises - my spine hurts. So I decided to take ibuprofin again just for a few days. Fun NOT!