Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, up and att'em

     I lost 1 lb, so that is good.  I am going outside this morning to try and finish the mess I made last night:)
The housekeeper is here and all the floors upstairs are covered with garden mulch and dirt.  I make a real mess going through the when I am outside/inside/outside.   The yard is starting to look better.

     Yesterday the big chicken flew out of her cage straight at me.  She is mad as we took her out of the large pen and put her in the small pen.  We took the 5 smaller pullets and put them in the bigger pen.  She is usually so calm so I let her stay outside to range while I worked in the yard.  Then she just roosted by the door of the big cage.  I put her in and the leader of the pullets came over to peck at her head.  I wondered how long she would take this.  Not long as she rose up and had a huge chicken fight.  She is now the leader and all seems to be well.

     When I got home from shopping yesterday I found a Box  o' sh#$ from my Sissie.  She is so funny .  She is the most organized person I know.  I think she labels her belly button lint and dust bunnies.  Often when cleaning she comes across things she no longer needs or wants and fills a box with sh$# and mails it to one of her sisters.   I laughed as I unpacked it and asked myself like I always do, "Where does she find this crap?"  Because I am telling you if you went to her house you could not find anything out of place.  I received a small set of travel hotrollers (I will love these)  A large set of sticky rollers and pins to help straighten my hair (I would have loved these) but my two younger daughters came in and it was like Christmas.  They love Auntie Kay boxes o' shi!  Daughter #2 took the sticky rollers and the pill case. Daughter #3 the mints, the gum, the pins, pony tail holders.  I have a new glasses case, some kleenex and some hair nets which I will take to the studio.  Now how does a business executive have old lady hair nets?  Her boxes are always an adventure.  Makes us wonder what she has been up to.

     I got a call from my younger sister last night and I was telling her about my box and we had a good laugh as she gets boxes also, our older sister is a woman of mystery.

     I am going out front to finish my work and then I am coming into sew.  I also need to take hubby to get new work shoes as his are spent.  I hope he just needs one pair.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. She's a woman of mystery :) Why wouldn't she use kleenex??

  2. I love that idea of shipping off mysterious stuff to a sister! I might have to do that...