Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday, show is over, now catch up!

     Show went wonderfully as usual we had the normal beauty of live theater mistakes, but all in all quite a success.  I am trying to play catch up around here and it is hard with mother and B is home with all her laundry.    I am trying to set a schedule of a couple hours in the garden, then house and sewing and then studio cleanup and work.  So far it has been a frustrating experience as I feel behind.  The garden is so full of weeds it is scary and I have worked for two mornings and I think I can finish it tomorrow. 

     I don't know why I thought I would have all this time this week, when really it is a normal week at dance.  We spent several hours yesterday putting the main floor to the studio to rights, but the upstairs costume room is a disaster.  Thank goodness I have parents who will help me.  I actually want to purge a bunch of things out of that closet as it is so full.  Mom is upstairs playing the piano.  It is like I am a child again.

     Sunday after church I made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce.  So we are have spaghetti tonight.  I also made a big pot of homemade chicken soup yesterday with homemade noodles.  One of my dance families is really sick with a flu bug.  Dancer went down after second performance and her little sister did not look much better.  Whatever they have, now the parents are sick too.  So I swear my soup is magic and I took a pot with homemade bread to them on the way to the studio yesterday.  I remember all too well Hubs and I being sick with the three kids sick and how hard it was as parents to deal with the kids and wanting to rest ourselves.  It only happened a few times but believe me that was enough.

     I am covered with bruises from moving set in the dark.  Bump, ouch, stumble, ouch, curses, ouch.  I won't be putting a swimsuit on for a while.

     We are having a Wedding Shower for our Ballet Mistress tonight at the studio.  We decorated and it is really cute.  Kind of an end of the year party for the kids.  It will be chaos but hopefully fun.

Out My Window:  Beautiful and warm, perfect weather.  I can't wait to get the backyard and deck cleaned up so I can enjoy sitting out in the sun.  Right now all the weeds and mess just bugs me.

     I will make the car payment on Thursday and then post new totals for the month.  Watch those bills go down.

Have a great and productive day!  



  1. You are SO nice to your friends!!! and productive!!!

  2. Spaghetti here tomorrow night! Hope those bumps & bruises heal quickly!

  3. You are getting LOTS done - just maybe not the things you WANT to get done. All in good time, my dear. If I were you I'd be sitting outside in the sun or gardening - it's so cold here today I had to put the furnace on again. No consistency yet - warm one day, cold the next!

  4. I'm happy that the show went well and is over. I haven't even started my garden yet. Hopefully this weekend.