Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday, feeling better

     I am much better today.  I did no sewing yesterday, nor did I work on costumes, but I did slowly putz around and was able to clean things up a little. I also really got the shop put together.  Cleaned off the desk and set up May's budget, paid bills that were lingering, now I am broke again :)

     I feel like I can attack the things I need today, I have a few sewing things to get out.  More comes in all the time, so I cannot take off a day like I did yesterday for a while.  So my plan is to do my basic every morning and then work on costumes.  Today I am painting a glittering everything silver.  I am also going to complete the scarecrow and the tin man costumes. Then onto the witches!

     I am very pleased with myself on my $100.00 a week savings.  I have my third week put away and then some.  I need to pay the house payment this Friday and right now not including the $300.00 rent savings I have $400.00 but I need $575.00, so I will have to get that through the shop somehow.  Can I get $175.00 by this weekend?  Plus Hub's will need gas for the car tonight.  It is always something.  I am just so happy to feel better.

     I also have to figure out how to get my mom over here.  She wants her car and that would mean two people driving over and back which is fine but it is just to busy a time for us to be leaving here.  I can go get her but she will have to leave her car.  I really don't want her driving by herself.  Decisions, decisions.

     So pretty outside, I mean beautiful, just wish I could go lay on the back deck and stare, but then I would not see the flowers I would see the mess I need to clean up so that is out.

Well I am off to see the wizard!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm glad you are feeling better today.

  2. Glad you're headache has lifted! What a difference that makes - I still wish you could get more help with the costume sewing but I know you do your best enlisting help. It just seems like TOO much. Good luck and hope you make a big dent in your sewing pile!

  3. Its amazing when you feel like crap and start feeling better, no other problems matter. Just goes to show, as long as you have your health all is good. So take care of yourself. This dirty dishes, dust, and bills will still be there if you take a day. Not the end of the world.

    Speaking of the end of the world - WHere is Judy?? What happended to Judy?