Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, I'm blitzed...

     I just went to the dentist appointment from hell.  As the facial nerve runs through the salivary gland and my salivary glands are wonkie, the meds could not get down where they needed to be and the dentist about sent me through the roof.  That was not as bad as the fact that my jaw is so inflamed I cannot open it wide enough and they had to block it open.  Two hours later I could not get it closed.  What a mess. 

     Then I had two in home alteration appointments.  I am the only seamstress in the area that does home visits for the elderly and invalid.  When I got to the first appointment the home health care worker had called in sick, so I did a bunch of things for this woman and her husband, so I was late for the next one.  You have to  dress and undress these people and it takes so long and then they want to visit and I wanted to lie down and put a hot rag on my jaw.

     I am home now and the shop is non stop busy and I am behind.  Hubby's men's church group has a dinner tonight and we are supposed to bring dessert.  I am sorry we will stop and buy a pie.  Hub's will be disappointed but I am wrung out.

     I am almost done with the perennial beds out front.  I have all the boxes planted.  Still more weeding but that is never ending.  I am going to take a pain pill and take a nap.

Have a great and productive day, I am not so sure about mine!



  1. Ouch! I hate going to the dentist. Have you tried preen in your flower beds. It does wonders to keep the weeds from coming back.

  2. Oh my that sounds sooooo painful!! I don't have the pain but get claustrophobic when my dentist props my mouth open then covers all but the offending tooth with plastic - I hate it. Had to make him stop once and take it off as I was starting to hyperventilate. You certainly made those folks day with the helpful home visits - you always go above and beyond Kim!!

  3. This post made my mouth hurt just reading it! I do hope you are feeling a bit better today. And God bless you for going the extra mile for those elderly folks. More people should be willing to help those who can't help themselves.

  4. OWWWWW!!! You poor woman! I hate the dentist office, but I have to admit that sometimes I'm so tired when I get there, that I sometimes fall asleep in the dentist's chair. Once I almost bit him when I jerked awake...
    I hope you're feeling better today!

  5. My goodness! Made my spine tingle. I think they just need to knock you out next time. Thank you for just buying the pie - you have to give yourself a break every now and then! Hope you get some rest soon - very soon!