Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday, One more dress and I am caught up!

     Yes, other than things still coming in on a regular basis, I am caught up after I finish this last prom dress.  I can keep up on the hemming and mending, but the larger dresses just take time.  Now I feel like I can concentrate on costumes, set and details.

     We have a huge rehearsal tomorrow and then we will paint set pieces. So tonight hub's and I will go get supplies and paint, I will also pick up things at studio in truck and bring them home.  If I can get those things done this week so they can work with them next weekend I will be thrilled.

     I was able to get my plants planted last night so every thing is in the ground.  Just trying to do a little every day.  I want to get some laundry done today and the kitchen cleaned and something in my Judy (the crockpot).

     I also need to get a deposit done and some bills paid, I did payroll except for ballet mistress last night and I will do hers tonight.

     It will be a very busy weekend and I am not looking forward to it, but at least I will know where I stand show wise tomorrow.  That is always good to know.  I hope we learn from year to year so things get easier.  But sometimes I wonder.  I need to delegate more and I will, I can do this.

Out My Window:  Hub's mowed front yard last night and it looks so nice.  We are going to switch the chicks over this weekend to the big coop and if the hens isn't nice we will put her in the small coop until the chicks are full sized, although I swear they are huge.

Have a great and productive day!


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