Monday, September 11, 2023

Monday, Slept terrible


I usually don't set an alarm, but I did last night. I slept off and on most of the weekend, and I knew I would not sleep well last night.  So, I forced myself up so I would be able to sleep tonight.

I did get all the fall decos out this weekend, but still have some cleaning to do and some ironing of napkins and things. 

I am trying to live what was normal before but boy is it hard.

Played for choir on Sunday we sing next week. They are asking for people to sing in the stake Christmas choir, and I have not done that for almost 30 years.  Just too busy with kid's performances, and plays and the Nutcracker, etc.  But now maybe?  I do love to sing in choirs.  As I play for our ward choir, I don't get a chance to sing. I will think about it.

Today it is a pile and a few wedding dresses, whatever I can get done.  I have three wedding dresses left for the 30th and I want them done by the end of the week.  Then I will only have 4 more. I really can't wait until there is not a dress left in this dang shop.

Went out early today and paid the rest of the months bills so that is done and out of the way.

Well, I am off to sew.  What are you going to get done today?



  1. Hon, the thing is - normal before is not normal now. I wish we could go back, but we can't. You have to make each day as normal as possible for that day. Good luck with the dresses. Hope you sleep tonight.

  2. Hello! Well, I actually accomplished a whole lot of nothing! I did load the dishwasher and do school with Flynn. I hope you sleep well tonight, my friend. And have some cozy time for you.

  3. Well I'll see you paying bills and researching Prescription plans for Medicare today and raise you an I cooked Sunday gravy.
    Grab that doughnut blanket tonight and pretend Kelsa is hugging you if you can't sleep. 8-)))

  4. Oh do sing in the choir! I just joined one again and it gives me so much joy❤️Ricki

  5. You should have called me. I was either up or tossing and turning all night___Anne

  6. I agree with Cheryl, the old normal is never going to return. Sing in the choir. Hubby said he knows I only set my alarm if #1 we have an early appt. and I have to get laundry and dishes dealt with before we leave #2 I felt like crap, didn't sleep and tossed and turned all night.

  7. Grief Shapeshifts but I never expires.