Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tuesday, Relax weekend

 I have often been called Pollyanna by my family, but I do enjoy annoying them.

I rested all day Friday or as much as I could between the few clients, I permitted to pick up.  I knew I was going to drive up to Moscow and spend the night at Braunwyn's so I could watch Oliver Saturday morning.  Usually when I do this, I clean and cook up freezer meals, and B and I do some kind of project after she gets off work.  But I just came up and curled on the sofa watched a movie went to bed and sat like a slug and played playdough with Oliver.  Then I drove straight home to sleep again.

I did get the house cleaned up a little ( I mean a little) then Sunday morning went to church played for the children's groups and then played for choir and went home and slept all afternoon and just watched TV and really did nothing but rest the whole day.

Monday, I got up and got a deep chocolate cake in the oven (Lil sis's favorite).  I set a timer for 15 minutes and had 2 minutes left and that scratch cake was in the oven. Then I really cleaned house and changed linens on beds. Rested a while.  Made chocolate buttercream frosting and took cake to Lil sis's.  We played dice had dinner and cake and ice cream and then home to sleep again.

My cold is on the way out and I am so happy about it.  Not the worst I have ever had but I really made myself rest as I know how easy it is for me to not recover. Just praying I don't get my usual sinus infection. Hoping the resting will ward it off.

The sister missionaries wanted to make chocolate chip cookies at my house Saturday morning, and I told them I would be in Moscow, but they were welcome to the kitchen.  I left everything out for them to make cookies, and while they were there the Elders (boy missionaries) rang the bell as they were coming by to put the kayaks back up in the garage.  The shock of having the sister's answer the door and I was not home was quite a laugh. Hey Diet cokes all around and cookies.... Love these kids, so fun and very useful! They bring me joy.

So today it is wedding dresses and then some.  I will have kids the next couple of days but as there will be more than one it is easier to get sewing done as they play together.  Much less interrupting the grandma. 

Please go read Slug's post about our near-death experience on the high prairie in Idaho. Tomorrow I will tell my version and it was scary.  I am still mad at Ty about it. I was mad at him when we took off the the skies were bright blue. I am just shaking my head right now remembering.

Well off to the machines... oh fun!



  1. I’m glad you rested and took care of yourself this weekend. Self care is so important for us and even more so when we are sick.

  2. So happy to hear that you rested A LOT!!!!!! YAY!!! That is what a body needs when it is feeling icky! This makes me happy - at least we know you can do it if necessary!

  3. I read Slug’s post earlier today, I couldn’t believe it. Well, I could believe it, holy cow! She should be a writer for real, she writes really well. Hilogene in Az.

  4. I'll pass on that prairie adventure! No thank you!

    Definitely feel better. I'm still feeling about 80% of my energy, but wanting to push it to 100%, and reminding myself that will do me no good later on.

  5. I am used to crazy, hillbilly, redneck sh&@ bc I am a hillbilly, but damn! I do try to avoid getting French fried by lightning, or drowned in a monsoon!!! Cindy in the South

    1. This is the high prairie of Idaho something I try and avoid.

  6. You are catching on--give them the pleasure of your company and sit when you are not at your best. That adventure is not my cup of tea. Stay well.