Friday, September 8, 2023

Friday, Playing catch up

 What a screwball, she so takes after me.  I have been trying to poke out my eyes with my toes for years.

No kids today so I am going to finish a wedding dress and a couple of piles. I know it is Friday, but I must make up for lost time that I spent feeling sorry for myself this week.

Thank you so much for all the advice on my post yesterday, you guys are champions and make me feel so much better.  Love you all. 

I have to reattach 12 lace motifs to the hem of a wedding dress and then do some mending. I was pretty proud of myself yesterday considering my mood.

Lots of tears off and on.  But that is okay.  Went to Wally world last night for dog food/treats. Got a few sewing supplies and more weed killer, and I also picked up some bulbs for the garden.  I am excited to plant them.

Eldest daughter had a trip from hell home from Rehoboth beach with her two boys. Stuck in airports for 24 hours, finally just paid out the nose for a hotel and taxis to get there as the airlines did nothing. She was back in Boise when I last talked to her.  On her way back to Twin Falls.  What a trip!

I need to pay a few bills and get a little housework done and clean up my shop some.  So, after my sewing I am going to do those things.  I might even get some ironing done this weekend. Choke!

The sun is shining, and I am feeling pretty chipper today, I can't let this energy go to waste. Must use it to make my life better.

You know what really makes my life better?




  1. You are amazing with those wedding dresses! Cindy in the South

  2. I am glad today is a better day for you. Ironing! I avoid that like the plague. Way too many years ago, I had a boyfriend who told me his cleaning lady couldn't make it that week and he was out of ironed shirts. I told him to bring the ironing board and the iron and sat on the couch and guided him through the process and he learnt how to iron his shirts thanks to me. I guess no wonder we did not make it. Lol! Well, I have principles. I do not do anything I hate, just to please another person.

  3. Glad it is a better day. A gift from God.
    You have such patience for doing those lacey dresses. Not me!!!!

    1. It does take patience and sometimes mine is stretched!

  4. Why do I groan about those 12 lace motifs you will attach?--thinking about removing lace anything.
    How do kids think of those poses? I was probably about two or three last time I could do that. I can barely reach a foot!

  5. Hubby is fond of , Every day is a good day, some are just better than others.

  6. Oh man, that is a long trip for your daughter & grandkids. I didn't know there was an airport nearby. I missed Rehoboth this year. We vacation there every year. It's my happy place. I know you & Sluggy vacation there too. Next time you're at the Rehoboth outlet, check out Chicos (next to Talbots). They have really nice things & often run good sales. Have a great evening Kim. Hugs my friend!