Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday, Still trying to ....

 I hemmed 18 pairs of pants yesterday among other things. By the way there are still pants to be hemmed here.  They are lurking unseen in various places in the shop.

It is homecoming weekend, and I am getting calls for dresses.  I took two in from very old clients but turned all others away.  Sorry. I don't need the money or the stress.

I have a short list of things I want to get done before I take off on Thursday.  I will not add to the list, I will not add to the list, I will not add......

I am trying to have a mantra in my head.   I also will need to clean the house and clean the car before I leave.  But those things are a given.

Getting my nails done tomorrow and I have a specialist appt. early on Thursday before I leave. I could cancel, but this is the new specialist and I have not seen an actual person for over a year.  It has all been via zoom.  I will be put off several months if I cancel. 

It is rainy and chilly here, so I turned off the air conditioner but no heat yet. I am actually excited about the rain as it means I do not have to water. 

I purchased several packages of bulbs for the garden that need to be planted, but I will do that next week.  I also have to winter over about 40 geraniums, and I will need to get that done before I leave for Kays. I will get missionaries to help me with the outdoor work. Last year Joel and I left everything in the gardens and pots, thinking we would come home in January and get them cleaned out.  Not what happened.  It is much easier to get it done now, I found this out after it was too late.

So now onto today's list:

1. hem bridesmaid dress

2. hem bridesmaid dress

3. take in brides maid dress

4. hem homecoming dress

5. alter homecoming dress

6. let out three pairs of pants

7. call clients

8. clean house

9. clean and vacuum car, get car cooler ready

10. hem a choir formal

Okay I am off ( Sluggy and Anne I know what you are thinking) to get some work done. But only what is on the list nothing else.



  1. Not thinking anything other than I should off myself since the medical community won't help me. Wish I could sew(plus do many other things, like walk).

    1. Hope You are ok Sluggy. Hang in there. You have lost a huge amount of weight and are doing so well in that area. Hope your surgery went well. Virtual hugs. Kim, I sure hope you get to feeling better. I am impressed with the number of pants you hemmed! Cindy in the South

    2. This also for Sluggy and those who need it. I also need a knee replacement and to lose weight and have been having such increased pain but I’m looking at water aerobics at our local YMCA, like no impact to my joints and I need muscle strengthening so much. I have been also finding some relief from chiropractor (sciatica on that knee side) and massage). Maybe consider?

    3. Also to add are you on antidepressants? They can be so beneficial and SSRI’s have very well documented benefits of pain relief in things such as fibromyalgia etc.

    4. sluggy, I have had all the same feelings. It is highly discouraging.

    5. I did not write the other two anonymous posts under my name but I agree that maybe water exercises might help,
      but not sure. I have knee issues so I usually just walk or swim (ok,
      It is more like a dog paddle hanging on to a $1 noodle from Dollar General).
      I have never been to a chiropractor so I have no advice there. Virtual hugs Sluggy. Cindy in the South

  2. I keep thinking G*d should have taken me that Xmas morning instead of Joel. He had a good life, mine is shit.

    1. Sluggy, I tried to leave this comment on your blog, but it’s restricted to team members, so I’ll post it here.

      ((((Sluggy))))) I read your comment on Kim’s blog. Your life does matter. Remember, “ You is kind, you is smart, you is Important!” Said in my best nanny voice from The Help. 😊

    2. Oh Sluggy, you matter and are loved by so many people.

    3. You going through a “sh7t” season is no reason to take it out on others. Out my window also is having a rough season…. how is it fair to put your problems and woes on her! Consider prayer. God is a much better outlet.

  3. I think you have a better method now, saying no, sorry more often. I know I am off! Does Sluggy know that she has blocked everyone from reading her blog?

  4. Good for you on saying NO. Really it is Homecoming this weekend and they left the dresses to be altered until now.... That is plainly not thinking ahead at all, and they deserve to try to alter them on their own.

    God bless.

  5. Glad you said no. That is a big start. You got it - you will get them done - you will get them done!!!!!!

  6. Good for you for saying no especially when you don’t need the extra money. No need to add more stress to your life than you already have.

  7. Kim, like I wrote to Sluggy, you matter and are loved. Take care of yourself.

  8. Good for you, Kim. "NO" is a full sentence. Put "YOU" first!! Hang in there - I think of you, SAM, Hilogene daily & offer up a prayer of strength for each of you. I cannot imagine how painful this last year has been for you all. ((HUG))

  9. Oh my goodness! You are one busy lady.
    But good for you for saying no to the extra alterations.
    Hope you get things finished up and have a great trip