Monday, October 2, 2023

Monday, I'm back!

 I just loved this meme.  If you own or have ever owned a cat you will understand.  I love cats.  If I did not own a sewing shop, I would have lots of cats.

It was a very long drive to the funeral and back. But the scenery was gorgeous. I understand why the Olympic peninsula has the best tree growth status in the US. The timber I saw was incredible. Just an absolutely beautiful drive.

It was a lovely funeral, and such a great family. The friend I took, was an aunt, or a great aunt to most of the people there and they were so happy to see her.

But it was hard on both of us.  She is still morning her husband, and it was my first funeral since Joel passed. The cemetery was beautiful, and it was perfect weather. We could not have asked for better.

I did not feel at all well driving home.  Terrible sinus pressure and a cough. Every time I coughed; I thought my head would explode. About three hours out I thought I was going to have to stop and get a hotel.  But I took some Aleve and mustered through.  Felt better yesterday, and today even a little better.

I got some good news from my new rheumatologist, that I met last Thursday morning before we left town.  I really liked her.  My cholesterol is outrageous, and they keep trying to put me on a statin. Well come to find out it is caused by my meds.  Good to know! Also, she said I could start running again!!!!!!

Seven Years ago, my doctor wanted me to stop running because of my arthritis. I had been a runner all my life.  I really, really miss it. So, I am going to start slowly and see what happens. Running was more of a mental thing for me, and I could really eat anything I wanted when I ran. Did someone say donut?

It was so nice to be able to come home to a clean shop with only one dress in it! In a little more than 2 weeks I will be at Sissies.  I am very excited! But there is a lot to do to get ready to go.  I need to get all the geraniums I want to winter over out of the ground and into the garage.  The yard tools must be emptied of gas and stored. Toys and cushions put away and stored in the sheds.

Today I am just doing a few piles, I have a bride picking up this afternoon. But there is still plenty to do here, just not the extreme pressure which is so nice.

The neighbor just brought me some frost plums. I love them and have to be careful not to eat too many.

Off to work.



  1. Very glad you had a safe trip. Continue to feel better each day. It is nice that you are not overwhelmed and can do things at your leisure. YAY on the running!!! Slow and steady!

  2. I am glad you are able to pick up running.
    Maybe you can run all over the place when you are visiting Sissie!
    Glad your trip was mostly uneventful (with the exception of the sinus issues)
    Have a great day and enjoy the plums

  3. Running? Good for you. I walk 4 miles/day but with my cranky (arthritic) knee I'm lucky to do 17 minute miles. Just got on Medicare yesterday so will be joining our local Y (for free!) so hope to start swimming again.

  4. I so miss running! Walking fast isn’t quite the same. My Dr. won’t change his mind but good for you! You’ll have fun with your Sissie.

  5. Welcome back. I sent the cat behavior summary to a lot of my friends. It is beyond true ;). My dog also responds to “stay” the same way…I just point at her and say “stay” and she jumps up and runs off. It is idiotic… I was happy to hear the sewing piles are small and you will have time to get the garden stuff in order. Here in Arizona it is starting to be the time for flowers so everyone is buying dirt and getting their pots ready. Hilogene in Az.

  6. Running has never held any charm for me. I never had to exercise to stay healthy or slim. And, now I am unhealthy and fat. It is the food I ate after knee injury and surgery. The doctor recommended NOT running. I just hope to get back to walking to the car without back pain. But, if you love running, good for you. I loved a cat and kept her with me, then discovered I was allergic to cats, so no more cat cuddles for me.

    1. I was not magically healthy and lazy. I rode my old bike miles a day. Even when pregnant I got on it and rode up and down the road. I rode for the love of the wind in my face and the joy of moving my legs.

  7. I'm glad your trip was a safe one even with the headache. I'm glad you're feelng better now.

  8. Hello, lovely friend! So glad you kicked that cold in the butt! And I pray you keep on feeling better so you can complete your list and head to Sissies! Hugs to you.

  9. Off topic but……you make so many pies…..would you share your pie crust recipe?? Having a hard time finding one that turns out for me!!! Thanks

  10. Running is such a wonderful stress reliever! Glad you can get back to it.

  11. I take resveratrol 1450 with my statin or it doesn't work. I get it at Amazon. I would rather drink a glass of wine but Crohn's gets nasty if I do that nightly LOL. Enjoy the peace