Monday, December 11, 2023

Monday, Christmas panic!

 Here it is the 11th and I have hardly done any Christmas shopping.  I mean I am usually done before Thanksgiving, and I have just been in a blur.

But I think this morning I was able to get on Amazon and get most of it done.  Thanks goodness.  Still have a couple of grandkid gifts, that I can get elsewhere, and I hope to do that tonight after Kelsa gets picked up.

I am proud to say I spent 3 hours in my shop on Friday afternoon and was able to get 19 pairs of pants hemmed and few other things mended.  Still have a way to go, but not feeling so overwhelmed.

Then Saturday I really got the house cleaned up (not that you can tell after Kelsa has been here) But underneath the mess it is clean. 

Sunday after church I started on some baking.  But have much more to do.  Lil sis will come over on Friday I think to bake, but now I am not sure. better txt her.  I can't remember anything I swear.

I have not cashed in my coin bank yet and I have always done that on Dec. 7th. I need to go do that. I also need to pay $48.00 more dollars in property tax.  I paid it early, and they did not have the figure out yet. I also did not save my penny a day this year.  I started but my brain would just not cooperate. Maybe the new year will be better.

I do have $1285.00 saved in my $5.00 bill savings for my trip to Hawaii in the spring.

There is a small pile of things to get done in the shop plus some custom work, so I do have things to do, just don't want to do them, but I will make myself.

Book club is here tomorrow night, so I need to reclean the house, and get a few more cookies done up.

Trying really hard to stay busy and positive.  Grandkids help a lot!



  1. I am glad that grandkids are keeping you busy, Kim. 19 pairs of pants hem is amazing! You rock!

  2. You got a lot done - give yourself a little credit. I still have some gift cards to get. All in time - if things get sideways and you forget something - it is not the end of the world. New year - new start. I kind of like that!

  3. It seems you get more done than you give yourself credit for. Yes, a preposition at the end of the sentence. I can do It seems all is coming together even if you are not doing it as before. Maybe Kelsa can help you clean.

    1. Ha! That kid can destroy a space faster than anyone I know!

  4. One step at a time Kim!! That's all any of us can do.

  5. I am so glad that you have the grandkids. They will surely keep you on your toes.

    God bless.

  6. I give grandkids one toy a piece and my grown kids, and folks who need it, a little cash or a check, or I pay a water or light bill. I pull out my $5 neon blue tree I got from Dollar General years ago and announce I am decorated…. Lol. Obviously I don’t stress about the holidays unless I am flying. Now THAT stresses me out. Cindy in the South

  7. That sounds like a really easy Christmas, I might have to take note!

  8. I don’t want to be a widow today
    I didn’t want to be one yesterday either
    And I expect the same will apply to tomorrow
    I have not decorated for Christmas and I don’t intend to . I don’t open the Christmas cards that arrive - it all feels meaningless this year

    I have upset a friend who told me I “ should “ celebrate because it was Tonys favourite time of year . I told her if she was ever widowed I hope I would extend to her the courtesy of being able to choose how she grieved
    You are in my thoughts
    Siobhan x