Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, How do you spel pnuemonia?

     I have a ton of very heavy meds now and I do actually feel better than I did yesterday which was such a drag.  As in dragging my butt around getting things done.

So much sewing, lot's of heavy work at studio, bill to pay and balance.  Could not get prescriptions until about 9 last night. The pharmacy was crazy.

Antibiotics are miracles.  Still short of breath but feel like I will live.

Have to get busy.  I am in my pjs.  It is 11:21

I'm trying to get everything done in the next two hours and then home for a nap!

have a great and productive day!



  1. SPELL (2 L'S)

    1. thanks my proofreading skills are really bad and I did not know how to spell pneumonia, I stand corrected.

    2. I don't have problems spelling, but occasionally, I have stupid typos. So, you don't spell pneumonia like you did! Just click on spellcheck...the little ABC icon and the words spelled wrong will be highlighted in yellow. Click on each word and choices with come up in a list and you can choose the correct spelling from there.

      No wonder you have felt so awful. If you don't slow down, you could have a relapse or worse.

    3. I've had pneumonia many, many times. It's not fun. That's how I know how to spell it so perfectly. LOL! When I do get pneumonia I can't think or reason. It's an awful thing to get. Last year I got the pneumonia shot and it seemed to help. This year, I have to talk to my dr to see if I need it again. Pneumonia is serious business.
      Take care.
      Feel better.

  2. Well I knew what you meant even if it was speeled rong :) Get LOTS of REST woman!

  3. Pneumonia is one of those big words like mayonnaise!

  4. Oh... I hope you're feeling better by this time!

  5. I hope you are feeling much better.