Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday, teaching day!

     I am trying hard on my teaching days not to do too much running around to save my hip which has a tendency to inflame when I over do.Like I did not go on a 5 mile walk with Hub's.  I will be on my feet choreographing for 4 hours tonight.  These are all the things my mind tells me to do to play it safe.

This is what actually happens:  I tell hub's I am not walking with him and I get dressed and go downstairs get a diet coke(breakfast of champions) and go through the email.  I am called upstairs at least 4 times for various things hub's and in-laws can't find.  Finally they are out the door.  Now mom needs me to bring up her medicine.  Okay,  then her blood pressure cuff,  then her sugar monitor.  On the sugar monitor trip she says are you going to make me breakfast?  Well yes what do you want?  A poached egg and a muffin?  Peanut butter toast(I am having that),  Cottage cheese and fruit?  Yes she wants peaches.  So I get to run back down stairs to get peaches.  Now she wants me to check and see how many eggs are in the coop as she is trying to round out a dozen.  She has an obsession with having full dozens facilitating going out to cheer on the chickens and perhaps squeezing the eggs out to get the full dozen, so she will leave me alone.  I have now made at least 10 trips up and down the stairs and I might as well have gone on a walk.

I have a day a of sewing ahead of me, and will make scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner with a pan of corn bread and a spaghetti squash.  I will not be here for dinner.  But I just can't see 4 fools bumping into each other in the kitchen.  I will have less mess to clean up if I do it early.

I am going to clean up the blog today, but it is not finished, I have so many financial things to up date.

So stay tuned and don't touch that dial....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Well at least updated your financials on the side bar won't inflame your hip. hehe

  2. Oh my goodness!! I plan out my trips up the stairs these days. My feet can't take much more than a few trips of forgetfulness...