Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday, Lot' happenin'

          I arrived home Saturday evening with the in laws in tow.  Hub's was playing for a wedding with a quartet and then went right to Oliver to play so we did not see him until late. I got them settled down and went a bought a few groceries.  I took mom and that was frustrating as she is so slow.  She also has lost her tooth. Which means I will have to deal with that drama.

     Yesterday was conference for our church so we stayed home and snuggled on the couch and watched  conference on a lap top.  I made a nice ham dinner and we should be able to eat on that for a week.

Hub's and I are taking off again to go back east to tour with his sister's and their husbands.  I am not anxious to be gone so much as I miss business and I need the money.  Unfortunate I don't always get to control the family.

     The shop was really slow the two weeks before I left and I only have 7 days for it to pick up before I leave again.  Then I want to stay home for a while.

     I was so worth going to sit with the grand kids.  It was fun.  Now I get to come home and face the music. Not so fun.  Many bills due so I need to get to the bank and get everything paid and budgeted.

     My blog is a wreck and no totals are correct.  I have to get this cleaned up and running right as I need my cheer leading squad behind me.  Or as my sister says you all need to kick my butt:)

Have a great and productive day I am going to run and hide from my in laws and my finances.


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  1. You have been doing the most important thing you could be doing, spending time with your grands! Everything else will take care of itself, well ok, maybe you have to have a little input, but in the grand scheme of things it is all secondary.