Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, definately the doctor today

  I have a appointment at 11:25.  I could hardly breath yesterday for a couple of hours.  I slept so much.  It is the sleeping that is telling me something is really wrong.  I am just so tired and exhausted.  Not enough oxygen or something.  Maybe my brain cells are giving up, all two of them.

We took moms and dad and sis to "Oliver" on Friday.  Hub's did a great job.  I had dance students in it.  They were cute and looked like they had fun.  Then we got ice cream, yum.

Saturday morning Sis and I were up early to take mom and dad home.  I was to drive them home Sat. stay the night and then drive home by my self Sunday.  I had asked sis to drive with me in a day but she has driven sooooo much back and forth from St Louis 3 times in the last few months that she was not too keen on the idea and then out of guilt changed her mind.  Isn't guilt wonderful?

    We took her car and had such a fun time.  It is onion season in southern Idaho.  I always told her we did not buy onions or potatoes here.  We waited and picked them up off the side of the road.  Onion and potato trucks are overloaded and they fall in soft dirt.  We stop and pick them up.  Red and yellow.  So here we are on the highway stopping every quarter mile to pick onions.  Next month is potato harvest.  You can easily get 100 lbs of potatoes if you will stop and pick them up.

I should really keep track of all the food we get for free down here just by gleaning.  It is pretty amazing. Sluggy said she was out of onions. I would bring her some if I could get then through the airport.

     Sent home 2 large and one small pumpkin with mom and dad.  Even though I did not grow pumpkins. 

     I have a so much to do today and I feel like crap.  Some sewing, some laundry, some packing, have to help new owner of studio take some stuff to the dump.  Have to pay bills before we leave.

I feel crazed!  So what is new with you?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hope you feel better soon.
    The only thing I have seen fall was watermelon from an overloaded truck in front of me. But watermelons don't fare very well when they hit the road.

  2. When I sleep too much, I know something is wrong. I hope you get it figured out today and let us know soon.

    I am just floored that you can pick up produce for free! There is nothing like that around here.

  3. Hope you get what you need from the doctor - the rest you can get at the liquor store! I swear by scotch, lemon and hot water. May not cure you but you'll have a nice long nap!

  4. Please get to the doctor & get yourself help. Take care of yourself - we are worried!

    And, loved the visual of stopping alongside the road to pick up onions. We can pick up oranges, lemons & sometimes other citrus fruit - all on the road here, after they drop off trees.