Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday, Sleep I love thee

     Okay having slept I have a better perspective on my situation.  Mom is coming home, today.  I have a specialist appointment this afternoon.  I will catch up eventually.  Thanks for the well wishers.

    My week has been so messed up I don't know where to start, still so grateful mom is okay.

I just want to make frosted sugar cookies for some reason.  Or maybe empty the garbage cans? Can't put a cohesive thought together.

stay tuned....

kim will return as soon as I find her


  1. So happy to hear your Mom is home! And even happier to hear that you got some decent sleep (what's the trick? I can't seem to manage that ..) I think you get a pass this week. Make those frosted sugar cookies and Monday will come soon enough :)

  2. I'm so glad your mom is ok and ready to come home! yikes!
    My MIL had something like that happen too and they had to shock it into rhythm again. My husband is weird and quotes Strange Brew a lot, "this wouldn't happen if you stuck to your 5 step maintenance program."

  3. I love strange brew. My dads 1/2 brother played in that movie. He was ugly back than also. I need a wedding date.