Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday, New hair cut!

 Ran over to Lil sis's last night and she cut and colored my hair.  My hair was getting very long down past the middle of my back.  It needed cut and I don't think I have had a full color for over 6 months.  Anyway she cut off about 6 inches and it looks and feels so much better.  I would show you a picture but I figured out my input port on my computer is damaged some how, probably grandkids, so I will have to take my computer in to be fixed.  Drat!

I Finally got some sewing some yesterday and plan on spending the rest of the day sewing.  Dinner is taken care of, as I made a large bean and hamburger dish with cornbread yesterday and we have plenty of salad.

Hubs did not get anything hunting yesterday.  But he has managed to lose his pocket tool knife. He actually went out to where he was hunting and looked for it.  Because he cannot hear, he does not hear when things drop. The problem is that the tool and the leather case together are expensive. He uses this almost daily,at the school theaters. He needs this, so I told him to go replace it.  He is fussing about the cost and I told him dang the cost, you need it you need it. It is an aggravation, but so is running back to the office every time you need to get a hand tool to fix or adjust something. We will see what he does.  I might just have to force the issue.

Things to sew today:

1. hem a pair of pants

2. hem a pair of jeans

3. alter the necks of two tops

4. run to joanns for white elastic thread

5. let out the waist on 4 pairs of slacks

6. take in the waist on four pairs of slacks and hem a pair of pants

7. fix a blouse and take down a neck line in another

8. alter waist on two pairs of pants

9. hem a blouse and replace a zipper

10fix a hole in a sweater

That is enough I think, I will be lucky to get this done.

I want to make my piecrusts this weekend and also make sure I have everything I need for Thanksgiving, which I think I do.  Daughter is coming in tomorrow and we are taking our dogs in for grooming.  I can't beleive that Thanksgiving is next week.  It seems it came so fast!

What tricks do you use to motivate yourself when yourself when you don't want to get things done?

I need some new strategies I think.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.





  1. I give myself thirty minutes of drudgery, then thirty minutes of whatever i’d rather do. Ultimately, i end up giving the most time to what really needs to get done and the world is a happier place!

  2. I make a list, and give myself a timeline for each item, but also build in more fun "breaks", like reading blogs, etc.

  3. I tell myself that I can watch a special tv show (news counts) and do what I have to do to get my tv treat or a chocolate treat.

  4. I just doggedly work away at whatever. I guess I just get a bit stubborn. And I love stroking things off my lists.

    God bless.

    1. Sometimes I put brush teeth at the top- of mine just so I can cross something off!

  5. Depends if work or home, but generally trying the timer thing- push really hard for a certain amount of time. Your hair was really long.

  6. I had mine colored and cut off 6 inches this week too. Doesn't it feel so much better? For things I need to tackle, I just make a list and get going. It feels good to cross things off.

    1. It does, right now I am having a hard time even making a list.

  7. I need to color and cut mine as well. Not sure about the haircut. The last two I've gotten have not been good.

  8. That is so nice of your sister to cut and color your hair. What a great savings for you!