Wednesday, November 17, 2021

 This is my life right now, including the soda and chips, and you need to add 5 large chocolate chip cookies, as my lack of will power is totally in control of my brain right now.

I have 4 more items to buy to get my turkey bonus from Ibotta and then no shopping for food stuffs unless there is a super buy on say butter.  I am going to try and not buy any groceries until just before Christmas.  I think I have everything I need here.

D #2 came by for lunch on her break and I got her family done for Christmas, Yeah!  I got daughter #3 birthday done. Eldest is done and I know what her kids want so will send that via Amazon, I think Paul will get a gift card. Then it is just the youngest.

Every surface of my home right now is covered with crap. If it is a flat surface it has stuff all over it. I have stocked up on so much food that I have no room in any freezer or my fridge.  My goal is to eat what we have and we have a lot let me tell you.

Did I do any sewing yesterday? Yes one pair of pants.  It was a rip roaring day I tell you.  But I did put in several hours at the food bank last night along with hubs and also got tithing settlement done with bishop, so that is out of the way.Ran over and paid the kids that watched the chickens while both Hub's and I were gone, so that is off my mind.

Now if I could just get sewing and cleaning on my mind that would be great.  I know I can do this.... but will I? That is the million dollar question.

Side table mess, IS that a jacket in the bed?
Kim does not do well when there is stuff all over.  I really hate things all over my counters and surfaces as it triggers my ADHD.  Then I freeze and get nothing done.  Well I DO GET CHIPS AND COOKIES EATEN. You know priorities.
Put all this crap away!!!!


Where does all the stuff piled on this dresser go?

My purse, my side table, hub's side table, baskets messes everywhere messes can be.

Find a home for this stuff please.

Must put things away and wipe off counters...

Oh and I think these cookie sheets and tray were used on Sunday to make rolls and it is now Wednesday.  Maybe we could wash them and put them away?  Maybe.....

I swear tomorrow's blog will be a post about how Kim gets several piles of sewing done and cleans off all her flat surfaces.

Now where did I put those cookies?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative.



  1. Your house is adorable. I saw nothing but hominess.

  2. I think I get it when you see a mess. You like everything in it's place and nothing sitting on counters or vanities or side tables that don't belong there. What I see, is a half hour of hitting it hard and everything will be where it belongs. Trust me, this is not messy to most people. I also like everything in it's place but have bought ahead on various things including cat food and we are getting creative on where we store it. Under the bed for the cases of cat food and I bought hooks that hang on the top of a door for bagged food items and cat treats. It's not perfect but I feel content knowing we have extra food stuffs set aside. I agree with Sam. It looks cozy and inviting and lived in. Ranee (MN)

  3. Flat surfaces are the bane of my existence! I get it. I get eating junk instead of doing things! Every time I get up, I take something from my side table and put it where it goes. But, it seems to collect more stuff. I suppose it would be worse if I did not try at all. Sew and clean...your life.

  4. It is easy for thigs to get messy - it takes no time. My simimg table is my stumbling block. You got this. It happens to everyone.
    Blessed beyond with all the food!

  5. Life gets messy sometimes. You've got this.

  6. I stopped buying groceries for that exact reason. No more storage. I feel your pain Kim. Most people don't know how hard it is to work from home (self employed) and try to juggle a house & family. So things sometimes tend to pile up. It drives me nuts when it does though.

    I use that same gingham BBW lotion on your side table :) Have a great day!

    1. It is lovely lotion a gift from someone. It is hard as you get distracted by things,and then I really get distracted.

  7. Well, that is just normal in my house....not a Cindy in the South

    1. I don't think I am either. I have bad habit I tell you.