Saturday, November 21, 2020

 I am thankful for my precious third daughter  and her sweet Kelsa; she is sleeping in her swing in the other room while her mommy shops. Grandpa is out fishing today so I am alone with the baby.  So far have staved off any flu shot symptoms other than a bad headache.  But that could be from my meds, so shoulder shrug.

I started to work on a car quilt last night and I was able to complete 12 blocks and I still need to square them up.  I also was able to cut enough smaller blocks to make another 12.  I need 49 blocks to complete a quilt top.

As Kelsa sleeps I will work on more blocks.  I took out a big box of jeans ends and scraps that I have been savings.  Every time I cut off more than 4 inches of a pair of jeans I save the ends.  I do this a lot.  Sometimes I make shorts out of new jeans and I can get 12 squares from a jean leg and 3 or 4 squares from leg ends.  

I also pick up any nice flannel remnants I find for 50% off or more out of the remnant section and save them.  These make nice gifts and I think I have enough to make at least 4 quilts.  But it depends on my time.

Here is Kelsa on her 3rd month birthday in a dress that here mother wore for her 3 month picture.  I just want to pick her up and kiss her.  Such good memories.

Our eldest called me last night and I got to talk to my oldest grandson, whom I love to death.  He is getting so grownup and reminds me so much of his mom. I am blessed to have such fine daughters, each of them means so much to me.

Today in addition to quilt blocking, I am going to make a Thanksgiving day menu.  I will share it with daughters and assign out what they are to bring. I also need to do some cleaning in my kitchen.  Hubs is going to buy me a pizza tonight and I am going to make a nice roast dinner tomorrow and then no real cooking until Thanksgiving.  I will be doing a few pre Thanksgiving dishes and with left over roast and potatoes I can get through the week.

All of the appliances in the kitchen need to be polished and the counters need a deep clean.  Also all the floors need to be done again.  But as I am cutting out quilt blocks I might wait until I am done to do the floors. Sewing is messy.

What is your Thanksgiving menu going to be? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Just curious, how do you arrange 49 squares? She is such a cute baby and daughter is cute, too.

  2. We had a different Thanksgiving in Canada, our Chief Medical Officer asked everyone to limit any indoor activity to 5 people. So we visited with our kids outside during the morning, and then had our 2 best friends in for dinner. Our kids each ate dinner at their respective homes, they had another outdoor get together at my daughters in the we were very safe and no one got sick! We did all of that so next year there wouldn't be an empty chair at the table.

    1. We will have 5 adults and three children two of whom are babies. We might get another two adults but it is unlikely. Keeping things very small here.

  3. It only seems like yesterday little Kelsa was born ... hard to believe she is 3 months old already.

  4. What a darling baby. So pretty. So is her Momma!

  5. What a sweet baby! She's adorable. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving. This year I'm doing the big T. meal different by ordering the dinner and picking it up. I decided this would be the right fit for my Husband and I for the year of 2020. ~d

    1. If it was just Hubs and I, I think I would do the same thing.

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