Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday, rehearsing, judging, sleeping..

     Started the morning with a three hour rehearsal for the Nutcracker, then drove to Moscow to judge and Irish Dance Competition.  Bought myself a new polar fleece vest and a couple of long sleeves t-shirts. Came home about 5 and took a short nap.

     Gas dropped to below $3 a gallon so I am one happy camper.  I still have no voice and the inflammation from this virus has affected my hands and jaw.  Eating a banana is painful.  Hope I feel better tomorrow.


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  1. I AM LOVING the lower cost of gas and filled up yesterday though I still had half a tank left. We just KNOW the prices won't last. Sorry to hear about your virus - you need to REST! Have a smoothie with ginger in it for the inflammation.