Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday, Happy Birthday to our youngest!

     My baby is 22 I can hardly believe it.  We are still in Twin Falls and plan on leaving for Boise this evening.   I have been very busy with grandson, cooking and sewing.  Was able to get Clara's dress done, 3 pairs of bloomers with lace, and opera cape for Drosselmier, The Rat queens bloomers and top done, along with a satin blouse for under her fitted vest and pep plum.  Oldest daughter did all the trimming of costumes so that was nice as she has quite the eye and is so creative.  She also re trimmed a rather plain lilac fairy bodice and I did up a new table top tutu covers and then she be jeweled that so it will sparkle when the, lights hit.

     We were rather tired of the sewing machine in the kitchen and the church sent out an all call for some one to hem a pair of pants and two dresses for a blind lady in the ward.  So eldest text back that we could do it, well it turned out to be 11 pairs of pants and 5 skirts.  We were both so tired of sewing and now this big pile.  Ugh! So Thanksgivingtine(how my grandson says it) eve we were up at 10 :30 finishing the pile, but we will reap no blessings as we complained and moaned all through the process.

     Had a quite nice dinner with just the 5 of us.  I de boned the turkey and put the bones to boil.  Daughter has 2 nice bags of sandwich fixings and two huge batches of soup broths and meats in the freezer.  The kitchen is clean.  I feel like all I have done here is cooked, cleaned and sewed.  Not much different from home.  Except I make 3 beds everyday instead of 1 and chase a 3 year old when grandpa gets too tired.

     I have not been able to get to a rite aid as there isn't one in town and I have $38.00 in points I must use by Monday.  Then I have 22.00 worth of reward credits at Walgreens and enough points for a $50.00 gift card.  I will open my pig when I get home.

     I am anxious to get home but also really nervous as we go into hell week and open on Thursday.  It will be so busy.  In the mean time I must pay the remaining November bills. and get $500.00 ready for our December house payment.  I think that there will be about $200.00 waiting for me when I get home to help with that.

Out My Window:  It is flat here and windy.  I have a hard time telling my  directions with no mountains or land marks.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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