Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday, have to get out of these PJ's

  I am still in the PJ's from Wednesday and they are getting a little Um.......  Too much information I think.  Definitely need to visit Mr. bathtub this morning and the family room needs to be disinfected.  My voice is totally trashed.  When I answer the phone people hang up as they think no one is there.

     I did manage to sew a little yesterday just sitting in front of the TV and doing hand work.  After my bath I may venture out, if I can convince myself to put on clothes.

     On a good financial note gas is down to $3.05 here and is below $3.00 a gallon in many surrounding areas.  Also our new Winco is open and I think we will see a significant grocery drop here.  Nice that these things are happening right before the Holidays.

     Speaking of holidays, I am going to get Hub's folks gifts done before we leave for Thanksgiving so I can take them wrapped with me.  I will get oldest daughter and her family done while I am in Twin Falls.  Then I will just have to worry about immediate family here.  Oh by the way my stockings are done except candy.  Yippee!

     I am also thinking that I am not going to do much Christmas baking this year.  The Nutcracker will be over as of the 15th but we have a Wedding to attend on the 19th down in Nampa.  Maybe I will do a few things when I get back.

     The bathtub is calling and I have a few things in the shop that need my attention.

Have a great and productive day!


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