Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday, Lot's going on in blog land!

     Lena had her babies and they are beautiful and healthy and she is home! Send her a quick prayer and a well wish she is going to be one busy woman.

     Practical Parsimony needs help.  Go to Sluggy's blog and get the info as I am so blog challenged that I can't get the connecting done.  If we all help even a little it will go a long way.  I know everyone I blog with is struggling, but not as much as this  blogger right now.  Remember that is takes a village and if we all pitch together we can make a huge difference in this blogger's life. I truly believe that by giving we receive and I have seen the law of the harvest in my own life. So break out those purses or piggy banks ladies and gents and send a little gift her way.

     Sarah, has officially beat me, but that is okay.  I am still in the running with her to the end!  So two pieces of great news and one not so great, however together we will solve the problem.

     I made it through yesterday by the skin of my teeth.  I planned on coming home and sewing last night but I fell asleep on the sofa instead.  I have nothing crucial in the shop today so I can concentrate on costumes.  Hooray!  I will continue doing laundry as I am almost caught up.  I made a huge stew yesterday, that will do for dinner.  I am going to sew, sew, sew until I have to go to the studio and then I will try to come home and sew some more.

     I need to make a batch of bread, so after the housekeeper leaves, I will go start a batch, water the chickens and have the bread raising while I work.

Out My Window:  Very unseasonably cold here this last week.  It is supposed to warm up some by the weekend.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Apparently I'm blog-tarded as I can't find Sluggy's blog to go and help a link my friend?