Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday, my oh my

   Up and bathed and sitting with a wet head here typing.  Had a discouraging day yesterday mostly to do with the studio, but I will not bore you with that.  I am getting closer and closer to getting out.  I am sure the stress is the upcoming show.

     We had a parent volunteer meeting at the Theater last night and many showed up.  I was teaching but was told it went well.  We have enough help so that is good. Still working on costumes.  Drosselmier's(sp) fit great and am now working on Nutcracker itself.  The lady that is designing the head, text me yesterday and it is done so she is mailing that.  I hope to have nutcracker/prince done tonight.  Mother who is doing waltz of the flowers showed up and took all 12 of those.

     I have a couple of pairs of pants to hem and two dresses to alter today and then I will get back into costumes.  So that will leave me, Clara's dress, robe, Peacock alteration, Queen Rat, Lilac fairy skirt, and a cape.  But I was hoping to find that at the civic closet.  Tuxes will be altered the week of the show.

   We took the growing tree to the theater to finish painting.  It was just too large even with the high ceilings at the studio.

     I have no idea what to cook for dinner tonight.  Blah....  Hub's came down last night and said there were no socks in his sock drawer.  Well most of the laundry is done, just not put away.  I am falling down on the job.  Well he can figure it out.  I think?

     I am really looking forward to next week with my grandson.  I will take a lot of hand work with but it will be nice to just get away.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. If hubs can't figure out where to find clean socks then he deserves to go barefoot! Is that harsh? How are you making out with Judy? Crockpot meals at this time of year are just the best! You just have to be prepared with stuff to put in it and that's where I fall apart. I'm never prepared.