Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, sorry forgot to blog!

     I am too busy.  I am also so proud of Sarah, she has officially beat me to the under 100 thousand mark.  But I am so happy for her I don't even care.  However I do want you all to know that this is not over I will win in the end....... ( I always do.....)

     Can anyone drive to Lewiston to help me?  I feel like I am fading. The shop was so busy yesterday and a wedding that I thought was for April has moved to December 6th!  Add that to my schedule.  My house is falling down around me.  Laundry is backed up, the kitchen is a pig sty.  Garbage cans are all full.  It is just too much.  On top of everything my arthritis is flaring terribly.  So how is everyone else, as I am so jolly!

     Trying to stay positive, that this will all get done.  It will; but at what cost to me?  I keep asking myself that?  The board is in play so I will keep moving. Health first, I insist on trying to get enough sleep.  I could set my alarm and get up earlier, but I am such a night owl, I end up getting less and less sleep.  So I will sleep until 8 or 9 and then get to work.

     I did assign all the flower costumes to alter to a mom yesterday, so I am trying to delegate as much as possible and asking for help. Also on Saturday I am going to assign  Mom's to do other things and they will.

     Sunday I made a huge and I mean huge batch of chicken Parmesan to (freeze half).  I also made a huge pot of pasta with vegetables on the side.  It was gone yesterday?  How did 4 people eat so much?  I know daughter stopped over and I asked her if she wanted to join us and she said I ate but that looks delicious.  I do have two men in the house.  But really?

     So today I am up and laundry started, some things put away, I cleaned the sty kitchen, I have myself ready to go as in hair/makeup.  There are all the makings for a large stew upstairs along with my Judy and I was hoping daughter would stop by and I would send her up to peel the veggies.  If she is not here by noon I will go do that also.

     I have at least 10 pairs of pants to hem before I start on Nutcracker sewing.  Speaking of Nutcracker sewing it is slow going as I am so busy doing everything else.  Hub's is complaining of all the costumes and props blocking the doorways, but the studio is so full it is a fire hazard.  We can't move into the theater for at least a week.  Okay so there is a giant birdcage in the garage, but it needs to be decorated yet.  There is no room for it at the studio.  It will have to stay, sorry.

     Shop was cleaned up late Saturday night and it looks like a tornado hit in there.  How can one day of sewing do that?

     On a good note, I get to see my grandson in less than a week, I am getting my ducks in a row for the holidays. I am still in a positive mood.  What else can I ask?

  Have a great and productive day!



  1. woowee! That is a bit of sewing!

    I'm looking for a sewing machine for myself. Can you do a piece on your experience and what, in your opinion, is a good machine - electrical and non-electrical? I'd love to read what your thoughts are on some of the ones out there, since you are an avid sewer.

  2. Thanks for helping me get my sewer and water line fixed. I saw your comment on Don't Read This; It's Boring. I have a sty kitchen, too. And, no laundry has been done save one in my friend's house 50 miles away. Hey, I can sew very well. I could help sew. I am indefatigable when I sew. Too bad you are so far away. Thanks, again.

  3. If I lived closer I would come and help. Been crazy here too...no time to even breathe....and now Jacob is sick with a high fever and throwing up. Fun times...NOT.

    I know you will get things done. You always do. :)