Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday, thou shall not kill thy neighbor....

     Okay I love my neighbor, he fixes our cars and I do all sorts of strange sewing crap for his antique car business, usually upholstery, which I hate, but I only do it for him, so I can some what control the flow.  This morning I have a large boat pull up in front and you have to get on a ladder to get into it.  The old guy is (too old) to remove said boat top and bring it in to have it fixed, so I am out there for an hour hand sewing with extra strong thread this old guys boat top.  My fingers are all poked and bleeding and I told Clem (neighbor) that he had better go hide.  He is not to give my name out the old coot.  Like I have time to do this kind of work.

     Still trying desperately to get caught up in the shop.  I just might make it if I can ever get in there. I had to run a edited commercial to the TV station this morning and then do a run to Walgreens for there crisco baking sticks.  They are outrageously expensive but so nice and convenient for pies.  They have them on sale 2 for 4 and coupons for 55 cents off each one making them $2.90 for 6 sticks, which is really a good price.  I am stocking up. 

     Customers have been in all morning and I just have to get busy.  I did go to bed at 8:30 last night and slept until midnight then was up until 2 and back to sleep until 8 so I got a good nights sleep even if I did wake up in the middle.  Hopefully will put the insomnia behind me for a while.

     Have a great and productive day!


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