Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, the pressure is mounting.

    As we getting closer to Thanksgiving the pressure mounts toward the Nutcracker!  Busy, busy am I.  I wish I could get my Sissie to fly out and help me for a month.  However she is as busy as I am with all the rain and now the snow and freeze back east.  No way she can leave her business at this time.  I am just trying to take deep breaths and do what I can to catch up and stay that way.  (like that is going to happen....)

     Sorry for not posting on your blogs lately just so busy and with the computer problems I have to give up something for a time.  I am pretty sure now that I created the virus input by trying to be Sluggy with coupons and as we all know, there is just know one who can match her, but a girl can try right?  So Sluggy come clean where do you get your coupons?  I cannot get them here in Sunday papers.

     Hub's and I had a great weekend visiting friends and doing some church work.  Made a roast, stuffed squash and potatoes for dinner.  Also made three large loaves of homemade bread.  That should last us the week and there is enough food left over from yesterday for today's dinner.

     I think I am getting a cold.  I hope not.  Doctor gave me a flu shot on Friday and I expect to be healthy forever.  I had a good doctor visit, will get test results soon.  I need to see primary doctor sometime this week.  Have to fit that into the schedule.  Today I am manning the phones at a political headquarters for three hours so I had better get into the shop and get busy.  Yes I get to call people during their dinner hours and bug them, I think I will call Sluggy, then Jane, then Lena, and.......

Out My window:  Fall is so beautiful.  The oak tree in the front yard is  burnt orange,orange, yellow and green.  All on one tree. Amazing, I could just sit and stare at it, well actually I did for a few minutes this morning.  Deep breaths.

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. Well if you call me my "personal secretary aka answering machine" will talk to you. lol

    We don't get most of the really good Qs here either so I resort to internet printed Qs usually. Yesterday had good Dove Qs in the paper so I got 3 copies. I usually only get 1 paper and I never pay more than $1 for a Sunday paper.