Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday, little engine that could day!

     Well Mom decided that coming at this time would not work for her because of Doctor appts.  Which is good for me as I am so busy.  Although I would rather have her here than at home because I can control her a little better and I have less worry.  It is a catch 22 when your parents age.  My brother is back living with her and that has upset the whole family and the neighbors and her friends and her church, but we cannot convince her to give up on him.  I keep praying he will end up back in jail.

     I keep sewing and sewing and I don't seem to be catching up.  Just constant calls and drop offs.  I am trying to be grateful.

     The Center for Arts and Development is coming this evening to get the dance floor at the studio.  They are having a Pumpkin ball tomorrow evening.  They will return the floor Monday.  Also an ice cream store is opening next to us downtown and their gala is tonight.  So we will be going to that to support them although I think they are nuts.  Over priced ice cream in the Fall, hmmmmmm. 

     Laundry is backed up, the kitchen is a mess, but I just need to concentrate on sewing today, blah, double blah.  I can do this, I can do this.

Out My Window: Getting colder everyday.

Have a great and productive day.


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