Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday, pulling my head out?

     I have already folded a load of laundry and started another one.  I also organized the rest into baskets that go to the girls apartment and two loads that are left to dry.  I fed and watered the chickens and I am taking stock of my surroundings.  What I see is not that great!  My personal spaces are a mess and I need to do a de-clutter so bad.  I have ignored my drawers and closet for almost a year and it shows.  Now the kitchen is good as mom really went through the cupboards when she was here, but I swear every other drawer and closet is a nightmare.  I think I have just been on the run so much that I have been putting off the inevitable and with the weather changing and the wardrobe changing I have become overwhelmed.  So that is one of the things that I have to face before the end of the month.

     The shop was really busy yesterday.  It will be very busy today also.  My studio books are a mess and I need to really check in with my teachers and get my enrollment sheets up to date.  I have info on all of my new students but old ones are somewhat lacking.  So there is another primary goal. Blah!

     Fall is here and the leave colors are awesome.  We have whirly gigs everywhere you look outside and Hubs is going to have to start raking.  The sprinkler man was here yesterday and blew out the system.  Weatherization is done.  Water bill will go down, speaking of water bill, I had better go pay it.  I had better go pay all the utility bills and other bills for the month.  First I have to make a deposit.

   Here is my list for the day.  Are you ready? (because I am not.....)

1. Go make a bank deposit for studio.
2. Continue laundry
3. clean master bedroom and bath
4. clean spare room and bath
5. Clean kitchen
6.  pay bills
7.  Switch summer clothes for winter clothes in closets
8.  Go through shoes and dis-guard ones not worn
9.  Go through closets and dis-guard clothes not worn
10. clean out drawers in master bedroom
11. clean under sinks in master bedroom
12. clean out drawers in spare bathroom
13. clean under sink in spare bathroom
14. sew a few items for Monday!

     Out My Window: Beautiful and chilly, chickens are laying well.  Too well actually!  I need to make about 4 quiches and freeze.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Yes I know exactly what you mean as doing normal routine clean I stood there today and really opened my eyes and thought what is all this crap! Suddenly we are getting a bit crowded in this house and needs a good going through of stuff that is just sitting there.