Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday, week is going fast.

          Hard for me to believe that by next week at this time I will be in Florida.  I am starting to get a little excited.  Or maybe that is stress at leaving.  Can't quite tell the emotion.  I need to be at studio tonight at 4 because 3 of the 4 parents that did not pay last month are in the 4 o'clock class.  They will be in for a surprise as they now owe two months tuition.   It is like they are going to sneak in and not pay, it cracks me up!  Things have gotten better on the payment front, you just still have the slackers.

     I have the last load of pears in the dryer and then that will be put away for the season.  It takes up so much room on my already small counter space.  I love to see it come and I love to see it go.  Kind of like kids!

     I was putting on some makeup before I left for the studio yesterday and I was complaining to my daughter about how old I look.  I have dark circles under my eyes that I inherited from my grandmother.  Sometimes I feel like a basset hound.  I told her I felt old and she told me to go down to the studio and suck a few souls out of young children I would feel better tomorrow.  Funny, funny girl.

     It has been a very warm September.  It also looks like this will continue on into October.  I remember last year having to turn on the heat by now.  I hope this is the last month of an expensive water bill.

     Well I have a lot to do in the shop so I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


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