Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, dodged that bullet!

     Okay computer downloaded a bad virus (actually I downloaded it) and I was taken offline.  It really messed up my e-mail and blog.  I spent hours trying to get it off the machine.  So I emailed the Sluggster,because she is a worry wart, and I called in a better head than mine. My studio computer hack finally was able to get it done. I was seriously worried about the cost and loosing files.  What a mess.  A 24 hour crisis.

     I have been so busy on top of all this that I am rummy.  I also killed my 3 year old vacuum. I mean seriously killed it.  I took it all apart and fixed the hose suction and the belt only to find out the motor was going so new vacuum.  Crap.  I am a firm believer in things breaking in threes, just like death.  As long as they are cheap things!

     Still rite-aiding but nothing to brag like Sluggy.  Although I did buy over $80.00 worth of product, that I use all the time for under $9.00 so that is good and I still have $7.00 in up for later.  I also have $12.00 at Walgreens which I don't think is nearly as good as Rite-aid.  Then I had my card filled out at the local small A&B store which runs great weekly specials.  (I just buy the specials).  I received a $15.00 grocery card.  Great.  Kind of  fun and free money, who can say no to that?

   I only have three items that have to be done in the shop today.  After I get those done I am gong to clean the shop and pay bills.  I swear I am.  I have plenty more work to do in there but I am just going to do what is due out tomorrow and then break for a day.  My back has been giving me fits from too much sewing.  Time for a rest or it will go out completely.

     I have a specialists appointment in Spokane tomorrow so Hub's and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for the day or maybe the weekend if we can get a hold of friends to stay with, or we might just get a hotel for the night we will see.  Play it by ear.  How tired will I be after fasting and being poked and jabbed?

    So I am off to be some what productive today.



  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry about the virus!! I'm glad you could get rid of it!

  2. Wow. I feel so lazy. You certainly didn't need the computer virus on top of everything else you've got going on. I'd say get a hotel room and hopefully get a good night's sleep!