Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday, I am singing my Annie song!

     Yesterday was plain awful! You can say that again! YESTERDAY WAS PLAIN AWFUL!  not now, but then........

     I think I had over 100 phone calls yesterday.  I left the shop for and hour and 8 people came at that time.  Some were mad I was not in.  I cannot go to the bathroom or get  any down time.  So much sewing to do it is crazy and more coming in all the time.  I am 1/2 way done with the police coats and only have one more dress blue to complete.  I just kept sewing and sewing.  Then on to the studio to rehearse the Rats and soldier # which is so long and hard to choreograph.  It is starting to come together.

     Poster was approved yesterday and went to print, commercial is done and waiting on poster to go to TV station.  I have so many details in my head I feel like it is going to explode.  Then I get a call from hospital, two nursing students coming in today.  They sleep round robin shifts, but they will have to go upstairs into the guest bath and bedroom as the basement bed and bath are taken by our renter.  It will be fine only it is a lot smaller so I am am going to have to find some closet and space for them to spread out a little. Change sheets, etc.They will be here for about 5 days.  I could have turned them down but was on the schedule since last spring and I forgot.  It is just so hard to find housing in this town walking distance to hospital and campus.  So we will squeeze in.

     I quickly made home made shake and bake with a package of chickens legs and thighs I took out of the freezer, mashed some potatoes, opened a can of corn and one of the ladies from the church brought me a delicious loaf of home made white bread, added some gravy and left dinner and went to the studio.  Came home hub's had cleaned kitchen.  I think he knew how much stress I was under.  I actually broke down crying from stress yesterday.  That is not something I do often.

     It will pass, but I must catch up so I can start costumes. for the show.

I am going to clean house a little for the students coming and then pay the bills before I hit my machines.  I am waiting on some military braid to finish the last set of dress blues.  I( actually had to tell the officer he needed it.)  They have changed all the Army dress regulations and the men do not know them.  Well I do and I am constantly getting them to get the correct stuff.  (MEN)

  Sorry for my crankiness, just a bit overwhelmed.  My rite aid shop yesterday was fun, trying to get all the best deals.  I really saved money and stocked up.  But initially you have to spend to set up a stock pile.  However, every thing purchased was a need and  lower than I would have gotten it any where else.  So now I have at least $34.00 in Up's and I will use them as I continue my shopping!

I think I will do a shepherds pie with the left over mashed potatoes and some ground beef I have thawed.

Have a great and productive day.


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