Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday, sleepy....

     Stayed up way too late last night beading a homecoming dress, but this morning I just have to finish it up.  I still have plenty of work in the shop and I am slowly getting things ready for Florida.

     I did not do much around the house yesterday so of course today it looks like it was bombed.  I hate that.  It won't take long to straighten it but it is the monotony of the whole thing that gets me.

     Tried to take a hot bath this morning was interrupted by two customers, that was fun.  So now I am sitting here with a wet head and shivering.

     Tried on my swim suit for daughter and she screamed and laughed.  I just love that kid.  She gives me such confidence.

     I am going to go upstairs and run through the house.  I feel a list coming on.......

1. straighten master bed and bath
2.dry and set hair
3. Makeup
4.straighten guest room (daughter is in it I think)  first remove daughter:)
5. Kitchen
6. put dehydrator away
7. clean up potatoes on back porch
8. check on chickens and collect eggs
9.  make something for dinner. Quiche left over onions,green peppers, bacon and eggs, pie crust
10. put away laundry and see if there is enough for another load
11. dust and vacuum the family room.
12.  Sew, sew, sew!

I teach at 4 today and I am home by 6:30 so I can do a little sewing this evening if I don't get enough done today.  I almost have enough money for payroll.  That is all I am going to worry about at the studio until I get back.

Well I had better get busy, times is a wasting.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. What does 'set hair' mean? thanks

    1. I have very curly, wiry, dry grey hair that I color. I also take meds that cause hair to fall out (low dose chemo) So hair gets washed and dried twice a week and I set it on hot rollers every morning to straighten it. I mean I have a mess for hair.

  2. Make her clean the room instead of laughing at Mom!

  3. Where you able to get your money last night from the parents? I hope so! I love the side note: "remove daughter first" haha!

  4. My hair is the same way! Crazy! I used to put it in a pony tail, but I cut short - what was I thinking? Thank you for pushing me to hem pants. Added it to my repertoire and it is really bumping up my income. Hope you gt some rest on your break!