Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday, woo,hoo!

     Me loves a Friday, I don't have to teach. It is the end of my week sorta.  If I don't have rehearsals on Saturday, I feel like I am at an ending point.

     So much for bragging about the warm weather as it is freezing this morning.  I have on long pants, clogs, and a heavy wool sweater over my blouse.  65 in the front room upstairs.  Absolutely frigid I tell you.  I will not turn on the heat until the thermometer says 59, but my joints may not take that.

     I zipped out last night to get some milk at a small local market.  Milk is regulated here so it is all the same price.  It can go on sale but never over a certain price set by a board.  This small market has a butcher and sometimes you can find great sales.  It was after 10 at night and I passed the meat market and there were two large packages of ground beef, 85/15 for 2.49 a lb.  So of course I snapped it up and took it home to repackage.  Lucky find.  The freezer is bursting.

     I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done and I only have a few things left to do today.  I am going to concentrate on payroll and deposits and bills.  I need to leave for Florida with my ducks in a row.

Have a great and productive day.




  1. That's a great deal for 85/15. The cheapest I have seen it is $2.99lb at Aldi's.


  2. The only thing I can get around here for cheap is chicken... ground beef of any mixture is almost prohibitedly expensive! (helps that my dad doesn't like anything made out of ground beef anyway)

  3. I don't buy ground beef either, or any beef for that matter. It's just so costly so it's all chicken and fish around here. And meatless meals of course. I think Sarah's going to beat you!!