Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday, chores, chores, chores

     I was able to really get the house straightened up and all the laundry done but no de-cluttering yesterday.  I did get quiches made with all the eggs that were laid during our absence.  I pulled pie shells from the freezer that I had made earlier.  I pulled out a bag of bacon I had burst out of a 14 lb. box and a package of sausage I bought for .99.  Then I used onions and peppers from our garden that were in the crisper.  So two very large quiches, one bacon, one sausage, for pennies a serving.  These freeze up so nice.

     I am going to get through my closet and drawers today if it kills me.  My jaw is really inflamed this morning.  I had two slices of homemade bread and home made apricot jam for breakfast but it was very hard to chew.  I am so tired of my jaw acting up.  I was hoping it was about over.  It seems like when a joint set flares badly it takes about a year to go away.  Then another one goes.  Last year it was my shoulders, I could not take a shirt off over my head and getting dressed was a nightmare.  That is gone now and I am onto another set of joints.  Whine, whine.

     We have a lot of out side yard clean up to do in the next few weeks.  I also need to help our renter put his room back together after the carpet taking in water after a bad rain storm.  The gutters were full and we were not here.  So as the room is dried out I will help him get it cleaned up.  Tomorrow is our middle child's 27th birthday so I need to think of a menu for dinner.  I think I will do pumpkin pies instead of cake.

     Both of the upstairs bathrooms have rug sets that are very worn as in the rubber backing is going.  I have been ignoring them and trying to find them on sale.  Since the floors are all hard wood I keep rubber backed rugs in the bathrooms by showers, tubs and toilets.  The toilet rugs are beyond bad.  I am going to look for new ones today, sometime this afternoon. Hopefully I can find something at a good price.

Well I am ready to get to work.

Have a great Saturday, try to enjoy yourself a little.


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