Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, New week!

     Just wanted to say I miss Judy, and I miss Misty and I want to hear form you guys.  

   Well here we are in a new week and I am ready to hit the shop.  I have really not done any major sewing since I left on vacation and the coffers are getting low.  Now I have to go back to work.  So sad.

     I was so inspired by Rivulet's post on fresh pumpkin pie that I hurried and put two small pie pumpkins in the oven before church. Well I forgot them and returned 3 hours later to burnt crisp pumpkins.  It was D#2's birthday so I had to hurry and make 3 other pies with canned pumpkin. Not nearly as good.  So home made spaghetti (her favorite) and bread sticks, and pie.

     I know I have bored you all to death with my new mixer, but really I got home from church and threw the ingredients into the mixer and let it knead for 10 minutes.  The best bread sticks you can imagine.  Then I threw in the pie dough ingredients and in about 1 minute I had 4 perfect pie crusts.  They rolled out beautifully.  I froze one and made three pies.  Youngest daughter took one home.  That mixer just saves me so much time and I love being able to offer homemade food to my family from scratch. The spaghetti sauce was from the garden that I had previously frozen in bags, of tomatoes, squash, onions, and green peppers.  It was my base, plus one jar of my fresh canned tomatoes.  No sugar, no added crap. Now if I hadn't burned the pumpkin it would have been perfect!

     I did not get any de-cluttering or organizing done this week end shame on me.  So now I need to fit that into the schedule.  But I can tell you it wont happen today!  Too much sewing to do.  If I get a run through the house I will be lucky.  How does the laundry pile up so fast? Yikes!

     I have been living in vacation mode and I don't want to go back to work mode but alas I must.

Out My Window:  It is a warm fall and so beautiful.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Well Misty is off trying to sell her house but what is Judy up to?? Besides working too much and crockpotting.....

    I have been super productive the last 2 days. Organizing the stockpile in the garage, made dinner last night(salmon and a new butternut squash and apples recipe)and halfway made Tues. stuffed cabbage rolls while I was at it cooking, did dishes, cleaned my car interior, listed 20 items on Etsy, rolled coins up, and worked on some blog posts.

    I need a nap

  2. BUMMER about the pie pumpkins!!! I've done them in crock pots and that works well for long periods of time if I have to be away. Otherwise, I have burned a few in the oven on my watch too...

  3. I miss Judy too. I hope that she is doing well.
    That is awesome about the mixer! I love homemade anything!