Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday, home from Paradise.

     I am home from paradise.  Sluggy has a give away and it is a good one,  Don't know how to link to her blog, but get there as it is a super good, goody box.  Sharon is home and expecting a girl, okay go to her blog and figure that out.  Lena is losing weight while her babies get bigger, no fair she will be a skinny new mother of twins.  Jane is out taking great pictures as usual.  Sarah has not upped her #'s but still cannot be trusted.

     The beaches around the gulf of Mexico are the most beautiful in the world.  We had such a nice time.  Hub's brothers and sisters were a hoot and we just ran and ran.  I of course contracted some ism which I brought home with me.  It laid me low for a few days, but I seem to be getting better.  She crab soup does not agree with me and I came home from vacation weighing less than when I went.  But we biked, and walked and swam in the surf.  Ate a lot of food, well I didn't as I couldn't but all together it was a great trip.  Hubs and I voluntarily bumped our return flight to the next day.  We were given two 800.00 vouchers to be used within the year on Delta so we essentially have 3-4 free tickets to fly any where in the continental US in the next 12 months so I see another vacation coming.

     The really nice thing about the bump is that Hub's and I had the beach house and golf cart all to ourselves for a whole day and night:)  We tooled around and shopped and ate left over food in the fridge.  Grilled cheese sandwiches, strawberry ice cream and whatever else we could scrounge.  We had turned in our rental car so Delta gave us taxi vouchers to get around it was quite the deal.  Quite and peaceful, so nice.  It was fun to have all that family but also fun to just sit quietly on the screen porch and read.

     We got home at 11:30 yesterday morning and I rushed off to pay the house payment.  Now I need to face reality.  Ho hum.  I don't get out in the sun much, but I forget how quickly I tan.  Even with plenty of sunscreen.  My dad was light but tanned dark in a few days and then he would be back to fair in a few weeks.  I do the same thing and if I was out in the sun more would look completely different.  Three days in the sun and I look like I went to a tanning bed for a month.  It is weird.  Must be all the melanin from my life guard days coming to the surface.

     I am glad to be home, the house needs love and the basement is leaking again!  I love the basement it always acts up when I am gone.  It misses me.  I have laundry and alterations and Nutcracker crap to do, so I had better pull my head out of vacation mode and
The screen porch.

View of front of house.

Getting ready to ride, I look bald, but I am not, sun has bleached hair terribly!

Hub's favorite spot, reading as usual!
face reality.

Out My window:  Cold here and I turned on the heat.  I need to go see if my chickens still know me.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. I almost had a heart attack reading that I was having a baby girl! :)! So glad you had a nice vacation. I need to plan one of those….You look GREAT with the bike! :)!

  2. You don't look bald at all! Love the picture of you! The trip sounds like so much fun, a little family, a little down time - perfect!

    1. Were you in Galveston? I totally could have hooked up with you!

    2. No we were in Destin, so beautiful, but I would have driven to see you, or biked Hee, hee!