Friday, December 26, 2014

Monday, On the 13th day of Christmas......

         Sing with me it will make you feel better.  On the 13th day of Christmas my daughter brought to me, 8 loads of laundry!  Yes only eight.  This is why she received 2 sets of twin sheets for Christmas because I do believe her old ones incinerated themselves from not being washed for a semester.  For a micro-bio /chemistry major she sure is a slob!

     Yesterday evening, I asked the two girls when they planned to leave back for the university, I did it sweetly like I was going to really miss them.....

     Hub's and I went to "Unbroken" last night it was very good. I am going to tool around my house and shop and get a few odd and ends done today, then just rest and read and have a long talk with my Sissie.
This is what Christmas break is all about.

     No after Christmas sales for me, no adding paper or tape or ornaments.  We are trying to use up what we have. I have no tags or bows,or ribbon and that is okay with me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am at work...and my plan for one purchase didn't work out. Bah humbug.

  2. Was it the gist you were going to send me?

  3. Of course you are going to miss them :) Who are you kidding? :)

  4. No boxing day sales for me either - I have lots of lovely gift bags I can reuse next year :) My daughter has had a load of clean socks etc sitting on top of the dryer for days - I think we're headed for a new record!! (at least they don't smell!)