Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, I'm free, yippee!

     Well not really, but I am free of the Nutcracker for about 48 hours!  Exhausted, and happy it is over.  I actually slept really well last night and went to bed about 11.  Now I get to deal with a torn up house and a really torn up studio.  But I don't even care.  I feel free and I can do what I want when I want.  (We all so know that that isn't true, but let me dream my fantasy for a little while) 

     Okay that is over.  I have a few hours today to get some housework done before I have to meet with the theater President to go over books, which we will do at 3'oclock, then daughter and I are going to help decorate the stage for a Christmas concert that will be held next weekend for a charity organization.  They are desperate and behind on oleo acts and even though we cannot help with the onstage performances as we will be out of town at a wedding, we can get them up and running, by doing all the things they need to get the show off the ground.  It is our Christmas act of charity (or stupidity I haven't figured it out yet)

     The mom that owed me money paid me $400.00 so I was able to pay my house payment.  God is good and I consider this a true miracle and blessing. Money I was going to have to scramble to get just appeared when I needed it and I am grateful.

     It was so fun to be with our grandson and daughter this weekend.  We bought him a police car that makes all sorts of sounds and he was thrilled.  He loved the Nutcracker and stayed awake until the coda at the very end.

     I have not really thought at all about Christmas, and I need to get busy and get a few things done in that respect.  But right now, today, I am going to enjoy the fact that I have a big load gone out of my schedule and just be happy about my life, I am blessed and I am a blessing to others.  I have a dirty house, but it is mine and it is beautiful.  I have a very sick demanding mother upstairs, but I also have the love of my family who are a great support to me. I am in debt, but I have paid my bills up through today.  Today, just for today I am okay and deserve to be happy.  Problems will come, things will go wrong, but I deserve to be happy.

Out My Window:  Oh my goodness I need to go check on my chickens!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. LOVE your attitude! It can be so difficult a lot of the time to live in the moment and appreciate what blessings we have. Even though you've been working like a crazy person you still sound like you're ready to take on the world!! I'm happy you're happy :)

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