Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, barely hangin on.....

     I was able to juggle around money yesterday and get the studio CC paid by the skin of my teeth.  That is how it is gong to be for the next few days.  Today I will go to the bank and pay 5 more smaller bills.  But those add up after a while.

     Tech run through of the first act was a nightmare.  But they always are.  I hope tonight goes better.  I think it will.  Trying to stay positive at this point.

 Too much work came into the shop yesterday, can you believe I said too much work?  My sissie called me and made me laugh, she is so annoying sometimes, I was too busy to stop and laugh, but I did.  The thoughtless wench.

     Much to do today, little things but a long list of little things. The father that is becoming my Board President is too funny.  His e-mail comments to me from last nights tech were too good.  Just the sarcasm alone was worth the read.  I love to get e-mails like that.  He told me he was going to sell his antique gun collection as his bucket list was getting too full.  What do you mean, and he said he has a bucket list inside his head of people he would like to take out to make his life easier.  I know this is crude with all that goes on in our country with guns, but I had to laugh at him..  As I have never seen him lose his temper or even swear. He is such a goody-goody.

     Well I am off to do errands and then return and sew until I have to be back at the theater.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sounds just like my sense of humor life is worth living if you can laugh at yourselv

  2. I tried to call you Kim but it said I couldn't leave a message?
    Why don't you call me 5704031065.

    1. Okay, sorry my box fills up every day immediately with parent problems because they have not read the 14,000 notes I have sent home, or have looked up the info I posted on the web-site or posted on the face book page. So everyday I get to run through enough stupid phone messages, left by stupid people that can't be bothered to pay attention long enough to read a news letter about their child's upcoming 8 performances. I want to scream!!!!! I feel so much better now. I will call you.