Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday, We are open!

     We are open and not soon enough.  I am beat and just want to sleep.  So happy show is up and running it takes off a lot of stress.  It was a small house last night but enough to give the dancers a sense of an audience which is what they needed.  We had a bunch of memorable snafu's, but all in all everyone was laughing most of the time.   We of course had to make a few last minute changes that added to the drama.  Our stage manager has obviously not run a dance production before and was having some trouble, but she will get the hang of things I think.  If not she will get voted off the island I am afraid.

     Parents were very helpful and we had lots of help, mostly because daughter had a meltdown fit on stage during dress rehearsal.  Oh living and working with artists, is not always pretty.  Mother Ginger about killed me, my legs were shaking when I was lifted of my platform.  You know how your muscles start to shake when you have done way too much?.  And of course the stage is 2 flights of stairs up from the dressing rooms, then the theater entrance is 2 floors down from that.  If you want to get up to the  back stage dressing room it is up a flight of stairs.  So if I was to get from the theater audience level up to say the ballet Mistress dressing room I was running 5 flights of stairs. Yikes I am not sore today but my mouth is covered with cold sores inside, so I must have been pretty stressed last night.

     I have a dental appointment this morning to get my teeth cleaned, fun.  I must come home and finish my list from yesterday.  Then I am open my pig bank.  So today's list is shorter but I am also a little more worn out.

1. straighten upstairs
2. start a stew in my Judy  (why does that always sound so bad?)
3. Clean, dust and vacuum downstairs.
4. clean shop
5. Make snow Queens, arm ruffles (she don't tell I forgot these no one noticed)
6. Clean and straighten fridge
7. Continue with laundry started yesterday
8. Open my PIG!

On your mark get set....... snore



  1. If I got through half your list, I'd call it a productive day. Sheesh.

  2. You absolutely kill me with how much you do in a day! Glad the show is going though. How wonderful to see the culmination of all that work. I would cry.

  3. Congrats on the show - you'll be so glad when all is done. It'll be fun opening your PIG - wish I had one but that'll be a project for next year. 2014 is a write-off!