Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday, woke up by local police!

     I was up last night because I could not sleep.  You know how I love my insomnia.  Finally at 5:15 ,yes 5:15 I was able to sleep.  I woke at a little after 10:00 to the front doorbell.  We are farmers by nature and don't use the front door except for company that does not know us.  There was Ian our local policeman and a young woman with two dog leashes.  She was crying.  Her dogs had gotten into our chicken coop and killed our chickens.  I was somewhat confused as to why she had leashes and no dogs.  Well the dogs were locked in the coop surrounded by dead chickens.

     They had managed to find small break in the wire and forced it open.  Quite tenacious dogs as the break was about at my waste and very small.  These were large beautiful pure bred Husky's.  They looked at us like ,"well see what we did it was so fun!  But now can we please get out? " The owner was told that the dogs could  at our request be taken and put down as they were proven killers.  She was hysterical as I would have been.  Hubs and I tried to calm her down.  DOGS kill CHICKENS.  It is their natural instinct unless they are trained otherwise.  We assured her  that we were not going to press charges, we felt bad about the chickens but we felt more bad for her distress.  You can replace chickens for about .96 cents apiece in the spring.  One of the chickens was almost 2 so she was coming to the end of her laying cycle.  One of them did not ever lay past the first dozen eggs.  They were kind of a lame batch.  They were pets and we do know someone who would give us chickens if we really needed them.  I just felt so bad for this woman.  Her dogs were really far away from her house she had been driving all morning looking for them.  I told her they were safe as they were locked up.

    As this next year is our year of not buying anything we do not need, we will not replace them.  We are seriously talking of downsizing, if not the house at least our lives. The chickens do not pay for themselves they are just unique pets.  We would have had to find them homes in about a year or so.

     What an exciting way to start a Sunday.  I am going to go up and bake Hubs a birthday cake.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Sabbath.



  1. You are such a good woman Kim, to comfort her instead of totally losing it

  2. You are kinder than I would have been! Killers might kill a more important pet or a child. Her tears would not affect me in the least, except to annoy me. She seemed more concerned about herself than you or your chickens. Sorry, I just have no patience with people who let their dogs accidentally get loose.

  3. I love how you treated this woman! We have a $20,000 trained service dog that is the sweetest thing you could ever meet. She has also killed every bunny and one cat that dared to venture into our yard. She once brought a bunny inside to show me because she was so proud. You are right. It is pure instinct. God bless.

  4. And to think that you slept soundly through all of that!